Celebration in Oxnard

So the happy news I mentioned in my last post I still can’t officially share yet, but I will say it has to do with Abe and a new job! He officially begins next week, so we decided to take advantage of his last days of freedom with a road trip to Oxnard.


The only thing I knew about this city was that a lot of strawberries are grown nearby. (We didn’t actually see any farms.)



Walking around, we stumbled upon El Taco De Mexico.


There was a steady flowing lunch line and everyone spoke Spanish and ordered meat. (Except for me.)


The decor isn’t exactly inviting…


…plus Julius was with us. We got our order to go, and sat in a nearby park.



I’ve lived in SoCal long enough to know I can never finish an entire burrito by myself without feeling overstuffed. So Abe and I split this vegetarian version, with rice, beans, and shredded lettuce.


I asked the woman at the counter if she could do it without cheese. She said yes, then proceeded to ask if all the other things inside would be okay – Salsa? Yes. Cilantro? Yes. Onions? Yes!


What’s funny is that I could barely taste any of those things, just the sour cream – the one ingredient she neglected to mention (which I would’ve said no to!)


Still, really really good. I didn’t even use any additional salsa. Pretty darn messy and we had a napkin shortage!


Unfortunately for Julius, nothing dropped.


Explored the Farmer’s Market in the park…



…only ONE stand selling strawberries!



Afterwards we drove around and explored a little…


…the Channel Islands section feels like an entirely different city.



Julius and I both got out to use the bathroom.


Didn’t actually eat at Mrs. Olson’s Coffee Hut, but the food looked/smelled incredible.


Back home, we napped. I ate melon. We cleared off our DVR queue. And I discovered my newest obsession…


…Oikos Frozen Yogurt. No problem spotting the berries in here.


Oh – I DO have some good news to share with you guys…

Screen Shot 2012-06-15 at 7.32.01 AM.png

…Netflix Instant!


8 thoughts on “Celebration in Oxnard

  1. Alice C.

    Mexican food in SoCal is the best. I remember hitting up food trucks in the wee hours of the morning with DH. The best trucks always feature tongue and tripe (though I haven’t tried these). That’s how you know they’re authentic 😉

  2. Yoshiko

    Oh, you visited my hometown! It’s a sleepy, little place with some great Mexican food. Have you visited Ventura? They have lots of cute boutiques and restaurants.

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      oxnard’s so cute! i’ve been to ventura before – we were going to stop by but didn’t want to hit afternoon traffic. next time!

  3. Caitlin

    CONGRATS on Surrogate Valentine being on Netflix! I really need to watch it. It’s literally on my Google Tasks list to do so!

    I love the photos in this post. Truly gorgeous! It’s so true that burritos can never be finished without feeling uncomfortable. I learned that from UConn’s burritos, ha! And I also learned that no matter how many napkins you grab, there are NEVER ENOUGH.

    Congrats to Abe on the good news he’s received. Can’t wait to hear more!

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