Point Dume Picnic

While running errands yesterday, I drove by Golden Bridge Yoga, which has a little vegetarian eatery inside called Nite Moon Cafe.


I used to grab food from this place when it was across the street from The Arclight. Now that it’s moved to Highland, I rarely have an excuse to visit…


…but there was a Scoutmob deal that was expiring!


Not hungry enough for a full on meal…


…I gravitated towards the bake goods instead.


A piece of cake might’ve been the obvious choice for my blog’s birthday, but given my passion for figs, this Oat Bar turned out to be a more appropriate celebratory snack.


There’s a lovely seating area outside…


…I chose to use my car/lap instead.



Heaven. Like a Fig Newton married a piece of Coffee Cake. I was covered in crumbs by the time I got home.


Already knew what was for dinner – the leftovers I made for Abe on Sunday.


You may wonder what he eats on evenings while I’m devouring my melons as meals? Weird stuff like this. I turn into a mad scientist and experiment on him.


The sauce was made of Kimlan Soy Paste, and Chocolate/Raspberry PB Crave. RAAAAANDOM. Plus rice wine vinegar and salty/starchy cooking water from the pasta. All tossed together with brussels sprouts that had been roasted in the toaster oven with garlic oil, dill, garlic/onion salt.


And as if this dish wasn’t already completely bonkers, I added fake bacon for crunch.

PicMonkey Collage

Was really bummed I missed out on my blog birthday brunch and wanted to still do something special to commemorate the occasion. So Abe and I got in the car and drove to Point Dume.


If it looks familiar, it’s because tons of movies/TV shows have been filmed here (including Planet of the Apes, which we watched the beginning/end of last night).


Surprisingly, there was NO traffic on the freeway. Monday at 6:00pm is the perfect time to head west!

PicMonkey Collage

After a little walk to the top…


PicMonkey Collage


…we unpacked dinner and ate. I brought a blanket, but it was too cold and windy to sit on the beach.


Still a nice view though!



Woah – random pasta was tasty. Couldn’t discern any ONE of those ingredients I put in, but it was all good together!


Garlic Parmesan Pretzel Crisps parked between us…


…I had a handful with a small scoop of seconds – Abe said this combo tasted like Combos!


For dessert, I ate a small Dandy Dapple Pluot.



This was so much more fun than a fancy dinner out! (A lot cheaper too.)


As the sun went down, and we drove home, the soundtrack couldn’t have been more perfect.


Who knew eating in my car all day would be so much fun?


10 thoughts on “Point Dume Picnic

  1. Lisa

    I eat baked goods all the time in my car. Smears of frosting and crumbs litter my seats. : P

  2. Tamara

    That pasta looks really tasty! And the oat fig bar does, indeed, look heavenly… I want one!

  3. Ameena

    QHappy 3 years Lynn! Can’t believe I’ve known you for almost that long.

    Don Henley is a classic. My favorite!

  4. Let Me Eat Cake

    from Golden Bridge! that is where I do yoga and actually heading there today can’t believe I’ve never checked out their baked goods!

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      how funny! lemme know what you think of the other stuff – they had an oreo cupcake that looked good too…

  5. Silvia @ skinny jeans food

    Your pasta looks tasty! What could be better than salty-nutty-spicy and sweet with pasta and brussels sprouts!! 🙂

  6. Nuria Martín

    HBd and for many years to come!!! Great celebration!! Absolutely romantic the lunch in the car enjoying Point Dume, the beach and the sunset!
    Barcelona eat lover

  7. Brigid

    I love the beach photos. I got married at El Matador, just north of Point Dume. They look very similar, and it made me feel all squishy to see the pictures. 🙂

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      El Matador sounds beautiful! We’ll have to visit that next.

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