Eating by Proxy

It’s my blog’s birthday tomorrow, and originally I had big plans.


KTCHN DTLA is kind of a “Secret Brunch Club” housed in The Gorbals space on weekends. I made reservations weeks ago but was unable to keep them because of this audition, so John and Sam went for us.

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Reporting Live from Downtown: Portions are humongous and delicious!


Along with the first two entrees on the ever-changing menu, they also ordered the Brie Grits Starter with Berry Compote – topped with apple julienne and bourbon cherry granola.

PicMonkey Collage

I asked how it compared to our last brunch together (at Lazy Ox Canteen) – they said the service was definitely better, and if they HAD to make a decision, probably the food too. John called his dish the most “extraordinary pork belly of all time.”


Although none of that pork belly got in MY belly, I still filled up this morning on some lovely Farmer’s Market eats during a quick walk into Larchmont.


Tons of fruit. Probably 2 big bowls worth!


Pickled veggies too…


…and scone bits…


…even chips and hummus!


The cherries right now are most excellent. (Though red are sweeter.)


I tried pretty much every stone fruit out there, and these two were definitely the best. So that’s what came home with me!


Next up – I baked…

Screen Shot 2012-06-10 at 2.14.11 PM.png

…full story tomorrow!

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5 thoughts on “Eating by Proxy

  1. Julie Garibaldi

    Nice! I can't wait till The breakfast place opens up in their permanent location! But thanks for letting us know I can have it right now!

  2. Nuria Martín

    Hi again from Barcelona (today monday morning not so sunny, brrrrrrrrrr)!
    You know, I have those days tons of work (yes, even the we!) and your posts are giving me short and precious moments of rest!! The actor’s diet breaks! I’m getting addicted to your blog!! THANKS!!
    Ohhhhhh, what a photos, they make me hungry!! I love fruit and specially cherries!! My parents have two very old cherry trees in their garden and when I was a child I used to eat the cherries directly from those trees! By the way, what do you use to take your pictures? Do you use your smartphone or use a serious camera? We use to have also a very intensive “eating” live here in Barcelona and arround the world (we love diving and we travel a lot!). Our friends have always told us that we had to find the way to share all what we do with them (but not in Facebook, we hate it!!) and you have been I think my definitive inspiration: I’m seriously considering to imitate you and to create my own “food, food, food blog”… Any recomendations? WordPress better than Blogger????
    Thanks and Kind regards!!

  3. Alice

    Are the cherries at your farmers markets sweet now? The first-of-the-season ones I had a few weeks ago were so tart 🙁 Lookin’ to get me some pretty & delicious rainiers!

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