Great Expectations

We went to Prometheus at The Arclight yesterday – I love their new giant display of posters…

Image 1

…featuring my pal from Seder, Robbie!


Although I’ve seen (and am a fan of) all the Alien films, I actually went into this screening knowing nothing about it. Was thoroughly entertained, which is why I was stunned to hear so many people were disappointed???

I guess when you have low expectations, there’s more room for pleasant surprises. As with last night’s dinner – this was chèvre spread on Rudi’s – something I compiled forever ago but wound up in the freezer…


…put it in the Sandwich Press for 6 minutes and held my breath. It turned out surprisingly well!


Another shocker? These simple Haricots Verts – steamed in the microwave for 3 minutes and tossed with TJ’s Green Goddess Dressing, sea salt, and pepper.



I can’t believe there was a time (just two years ago?) when I avoided goat cheese. But since it’s in everything these days, it’s grown on me! Or my taste buds bought into the hype?


Abe’s version was vegan, not Gluten-Free, made with Wayfare Cheese Spread. He read Ann Patchett’s new book while I studied lines.


Vegan Pudding Pops for dessert!


Not QUITE as wonderful as the ones from my childhood…nothing ever quite lives up to my memories, though.


I liked this pre-bedtime combo better – frozen mango + hot chocolate.


There’s something really comforting when eating the same foods often – I always know how it’s going to taste and make me feel.

Heading to The O.C. to see my folks – last time it took 2.5 hours so I asked on twitter what the best time to drive down would be – did NOT like the responses!!! But since I’m now anticipating horrendous traffic, I won’t be terribly disappointed?


14 thoughts on “Great Expectations

  1. Cindy

    Please refresh my memory. What are you using to make Popsicles? I saw some in the Williams Sonoma catalogue that were stupidly expensive. Do you like yours?

    Welcome to the goat cheese life.

    I’ve been out of pocket this past week so a little late, but crossing fingers and toes for your latest auditions.

  2. elise

    my sister is lactose intolerant and adores goat cheese…has it in and on everything (recently baked it into chocolate brownies), so im soooo eager to like it to. but i just dont. youre right though, its so trendy that its in everything. especially vegetarian dishes that would otherwise be vegan. maybe i could grow to like it too…

  3. Living, Learning, Eating

    I completely agree – I find my favorites and then I find that I just love eating them over and over again. I do make myself try new things, though, because they’re possibly new favorites waiting to be discovered! I haven’t eaten frozen pineapple in a while, but that picture makes me want some…

  4. Lisa

    I can’t wait to watch Prometheus! I love anything sci-fi<3
    Driving anywhere in LA gives me an anxiety attack. To valet or street park? Do I have cash, coins,.. where's my wallet?! Eek! : P

  5. Erin Motz

    Prometheus looks so good, I can’t wait to see it, as cheesy as some others may have found it, haha. That sandwich… wow. Melted cheese on anything tastes good to me. And where did you get that popsicle holder thing?! A mini straw for keeping up with the melty juices… genius!

  6. Megan Kennedy

    I find comfort in having the same foods on a regular basis as well. Thank you for mentioning that!


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