Coffee, Tea, and Tulips

Just got back from visiting my folks in The O.C. – the drive down was fine at 9am, but traffic was in full force at 1:30! One of these days we’ll figure that commute out…


Had a lovely brunch at Coffee, Tea and Tulips, in a Mission Viejo strip mall between CVS and Stein Mart…


…the cafe was quite cozy inside.



IMG_2908 IMG_2910

Coffee table book menus…




The food selection is extensive. I wound up ordering the waitresses’ suggestion – Strawberry Chicken Salad.




Quite excellent – in fact, every single thing we ordered got high praise.


I traded bites with both my parents’ orders – Mom’s eggs…


…with bacon and cheese baked right in…


…also loved my father’s Apple Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Crepe.



Even Abe’s simple Amman Sandwich – hummus, tapenade, tomatoes, red pepper pesto, cucumbers and greens – was waaaay above strip mall AND cafe average!


The best part?


The owner, Lina, is as charming as can be. Next time we’ll have to return for these gorgeous scones.


By the way, everyone else gave the coffee/tea high marks. No tulips were eaten.


5 thoughts on “Coffee, Tea, and Tulips

  1. Teresapalooza!!

    This place looks super cute! It reminds me of these cozy cafes I used to find while touring around Massachusetts with my educational theater company. One near Cape Cod was called The Sweet and Crafty – ’cause you could buy any of the handmade crafts that decorated the place. Adorable!

  2. Cellabella

    That’s so funny because my husband and I just went there for the first time when we were having a “staycation” during his Spring Break. We decided to try out two new breakfast places and two new dinner places in our area. If you go there again, get the scones with their lemon curd and fig jam – we would have licked the jam off the plate if we could but it didn’t seem very appropriate 😉

    Also, if you’re looking for another breakfast place in South County, try Break of Dawn – I have NEVER been disappointed with their dishes and I’ve tried a lot of them! (Salmon on oatmeal galette, duck confit with goji berries, egg tempura….). You can tell Chef Nguyen really cares about and loves the food he creates.

  3. Lindsay

    YUM!! That crepe just told me it is DEF time for bfast here in Korea;) Love this place, love that you are seeing family, and love that my fam is on their way to the land of kimchi in ONE month;0 eeeee! Always enjoy your posts, they pump me up to go work on my bloggie too…thanks for the constant inspiration!

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