It Ain’t What They Call You

…it’s what you answer to.

I had never heard that W.C. Fields quote until reading Sheetal Sheth’s guest post over at Thick Dumpling Skin this morning.

Screen Shot 2012-06-08 at 10.38.19 AM.png

Her thoughts on body image, culture, and show business are EXACTLY why I love being around this woman. Sheetal totally gets the balance and has been such a positive influence on me. In the last five years, we’ve done 4 projects together – The Singles Table, Why Am I Doing This, Yes We’re Open, Nice Girls Crew – and I hope we continue hanging/creating/learning together til we’re wrinkly and old.

Speaking of which…these pastries were prettier a while ago, but a trip through the toaster oven made them good as new!


The last piece of Jam Breakfast Cake


…and the 85 Degrees Croissant


…I took the Lobster Plate with more of the latter.


Chocolate Tunnel Vision:


Got peckish just two hours later. Never sure whether to call this a snack, or a meal. Sometimes it’s both.


Thanks for all the entries on the 2-Week Detox Giveaway – still a few more days left! I know it’s called “Urban GIRL Wellness” but I’m sure it’s okay for boys too.


7 thoughts on “It Ain’t What They Call You

  1. Danielle

    You and Sheetal are such incredible, beautiful ladies. Hope to see the two of you in more projects together in the future!

  2. Chocolate

    Love to see you working together…Keep going Lynn and Sheetal..

    Hope Michelle Krusiec could be a guest in your blog too.. You three are an amazing trio..:-)

  3. Nuria Martín

    Hi from the sunny Barcelona (Spain, Europe)!!
    I’m very sorry but I must confess that I have “found” you just one week ago, when I “discovered” completely by chance “Saving Face”. I can do not understand how I lived until now without this imprescindiblle movie in my backpack!! :)) In any case, searching in the network more information about you, Michelle and Alice Wu (other films, etc.) I arrived to this original, inspiring and generous blog! Congratulations… and thanks!! It’s an incredible gift to those that, like me, love food and to eat!! I’m involved as much as I can in the world of food and cooking (you know, we have here in Catalonia Ferran Adrià, who has been considered during years the best cooker in the world with his restaurant El Bulli, now closed!). Yes, I also love to cook and I’m not bad: my friends say that my “spanish tortilla” is the best in the worl, ja, ja!! Well I can offer you two very interesting links which conforms the basis of the mediterranean diet… ( (remember, Spain has one of the higher life hope in the world thank to the quality of its mediterranean diet).

    …and for sure, if you ever come to Barcelona, my family and I will be absolutely glad to open our house to you and to be your “gastronomic guides” here(I’m 43 years old, married 20 years ago (and still in love!, ja,ja, it’s not very usual) and have an incredible little girl, Martina (16 months!) and we have a very, very, very, very, very nice city!! 🙂

    Thanks God (or whatever could be…) for internet revolution that permits us to send a missage like this one (from a normal people like me) to a hollywood star like Lynn Chen!! :))

    Kind regards Lynn and thanks for all!!

      1. Nuria Martín

        Oh, Steph, thanks for your kind message!! I understand that you have already been here in Barcelona, isn’t? If you ever come or re-come, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will do my best to make you enjoy your time here (specially in terms of food discoverings!!) and, for sure, out from the common turistic circuits, just discovering the hidden pearls that only someone that has born and lives here can know! Thanks again! 🙂

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