Operating Incognito

I recently finished the madness of promoting my 5 films at LAAPFF – now I’m taking off my acting cap, and putting on my journalist one. There’s a few more festivals in town, and The Actor’s Diet was given a media pass!


First up – a panel for Dances with Films


…housed in the historic Graumans Chinese Theatre.


This area is very tourist-y – you’ll see a lot of “characters” dressed up on the street


…actually rode the elevator with a superhero – channeled Peter Parker and grabbed a Spidey Exclusive Shot!


The daily “Lunchtime Panels” are sponsored by Crumbs Cupcakes




…Starbucks too.


I focused on just the sweets – Hostess Knock-Off + Coconut mini for brunch.


Impressive group of speakers!


And now…I take off the actor/journalist/photographer/superhero cap and put on my activist/agent one – my other blog, Thick Dumpling Skin is joining forces with Retrofit Republic for The Real Bodies Manifesto – an opportunity for Asian-Americans to celebrate our diverse beauty and style. Have you always wanted to model but have been told you don’t have the right look? Well, if you’re Asian (male or female), and can get yourself to the Bay Area – this is your chance to get styled, made up, photographed (and of course fed awesome food) on June 22nd.


If you know someone who might be a good fit, encourage them to apply! All the information is over at Thick Dumpling Skin. Good luck!


5 thoughts on “Operating Incognito

  1. Alice

    The event sounds like a great way to celebrate our uniqueness at heart (and reminds me from a scene in the movie “13 going on 30”). Though if only it were in the SoCal area. -sigh-

    Glad to see you round and about, and enjoying life to the fullest. Have another wonderful day. 🙂


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