Secrets Out

I was pretty surprised to open the Sunday Times…


…and find my buddy Angela! Remember the guest post she did in April? Her show, “Push Girls,” premieres TONIGHT! I don’t get The Sundance Channel so I’m going to watch the first episode online.


She was also just on The Ellen Show.


For the last 7 years I’ve known how amazing Angela is, and am so happy that the rest of the world can now be inspired too.  I’m STILL digesting all her well-deserved fame.

That, and the awesome dinner from last night.

Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 12.07.34 AM.png

Hollywood Pies has been on my radar since my expert consultant Lance told me it was THE place to get Chicago-style Pizza in Los Angeles. My only experience with Deep Dish has been Pizzeria Uno (please don’t judge me – I’m from NJ) but Windy City friends confirmed that this place was legit. They also warned me…the experience can be a bit…well…hmmm….how to describe?


First of all, it’s not a restaurant. It’s takeout or delivery only. And you need to order at least 1-2 hours beforehand. I played it totally safe and called in the day before. Our friends Michelle and Quan live outside the 5-mile delivery radius, so we offered to drive to pick it up (which gives you 15% off). When you show up outside 1437 Robertson (just below Pico) call them, exchange $$$, and get your pie on the street.

Yes, kinda like a drug deal. Not that I would know what that’s like.


With 5-pounds of tomato, cheese, and dough on my lap, the car smelled insane. I couldn’t take it anymore and snuck a peek.

Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 8.39.41 AM.png

Half an hour later, we arrived at Quan and Michelle’s, where a cabbage, carrot, cucumber, onion, mint and peanut salad awaited…


….plus fried shrimp and chips!


Wonder if anyone else has had this appetizer combo before eating Hollywood Pies before?


(Probably not, but they should!)


Finally, it was Pie Time.


A large cheese = 2 slices for each of us…

IMG_2465 IMG_2473

…even lukewarm, this was incredible! The perfect amount of mozzarella cheese buried under some stellar tomato sauce.


For dessert, we shared these sweets from Phoenix Bakery


…and also kicked this bag of lychees.


Haven’t had such sweet ones since I picked them fresh off the tree in Taiwan as a teenager! Peeled + devoured about a dozen or so.


Well, I’m definitely not the first LA blogger to write about Hollywood Pies, but if you’ve never heard of them before (or were slightly afraid to try them) I hope this post inspired you to pick up the phone and give them a shot. Rumor has it their business is growing, so who knows – perhaps one day they’ll be in The Sunday Times and on Ellen too!

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18 thoughts on “Secrets Out

  1. Tamara

    Oh wow, that looks so good!! It’s making me crave Chicago-style pizza. We have PizzaPapalis here in Metro Detroit and it looks pretty much exactly like that. Next time you get it, try with spinach and mushrooms. That is my absolute favorite topping combo with this type of pizza… absolutely delicious!

  2. Jacky

    That deep dish pizza looks legit! Back in the day I good snarf those down like nothing. Yummy, I don’t care what Bourdain thinks about it, deep dish pizza Chicago style is good eats.

  3. Teresapalooza!!

    That pie looks for serious! I will definitely have to try this place… 🙂

    And I’m with you about Pizzeria Uno’s – my favorite pizza place in Boston! We didn’t know – we just inhaled the calories. My favorite was the pizza skins – mashed potatoes, cheese, & bacon on a deep dish crust – delicious.

  4. Angela

    LOVE Hollywood Pizza. We’ve gotten a few times now, although I put it on the “entirely too dangerous to eat more than once a month” list…

  5. Kelly @ Studio DIY

    Haha! Just laughed out loud because my only experience with Chicago style pizza is Uno too! Such a sheltered life us NJ natives lead! 😉 Can’t wait to try this!

  6. Stephanie C

    Don’t know if you’ve already tried it but Masa in Echo Park is pretty darn good deep dish Chicago style pizza – and they have a vegan version.

  7. kristen @ verbs and vignettes

    jersey: represent. my mom requested Sicilian pizza about 3 times in my childhood. (I know that’s not Chicago-style, but it’s all I have to compare.) I promptly told her what was up by throwing a mild pouting fit each time. I love skinny, greasy, perfect jersey pizza (or wherever I can get it. preferably the boardwalk in ocean city). :p

  8. Chi-Hung Ta

    Thanks for sharing, Lynn! The thing that saddens me most about Angela's accident is that we lost her friend, Thuy Trang, the late actress who portrayed the original Yellow Power Ranger. Almost nothing was ever mentioned in the media — either then or now — about Thuy, other then a unnamed reference as one of Angela's bridesmaids. I've run a fan site dedicated to Thuy Trang since 1997 and hope, in my little way, to keep her memory alive. I'm glad to see Angela has done well in her life to conquer her injuries.

  9. Tracey

    Thank you so much for introducing all of us to Angela a few months ago and allowing her to share her remarkable and inspiring story. I’m very excited to watch her new show tonight and, like you, I am thrilled about her long-awaited success. I am thrilled about her success is in the cards for you, too! You both deserve it and so much more.

  10. glidingcalm

    THANK YOU for this post! I heard about Push Girls first from your blog, and have looked forward to the show since!! glad I can watch online too!

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