85 Degrees

Man, I was stuffed after Friday night’s dinner! Although Capital Seafood offered complimentary dessert (cold red bean soup) and it was still National Donut Day (my thoughts over at Thick Dumpling Skin) I couldn’t fit another morsel in, even for 85 Degrees Bakery Cafe, the most hyped bakery in Irvine and the O.C.!


Described as “The Starbucks of Taiwan,” 85 Degrees, a popular Asian (and subsequently, Australian) chain actually reminds me more of Los Angeles’ Porto’s


…meets Korea’s Paris Baguette?


Take a tray and pack it with goodies – some people were obviously experts.



Super crowded with never-ending long lines. Here are some treats that looked appealing to me…

IMG_2242 IMG_2248

…there were also some more…er…interesting options.


My Mom and Dad shared a chocolate croissant and freaked out…


…hopped on line for another one to bring home…


…I’ve got it wrapped tightly in the freezer. Had another serious evening of eats last night (which I’ll blog about later) so that guy won’t be making an appearance again for a little while!


10 thoughts on “85 Degrees

  1. Lisa

    Even though I lived in LA for my entire life, I haven’t even attempted 1/8th of what you’ve tried. Even Porto’s or 85C! Oooh but I have tried JJ Bakery since I live a block away from it. Have you? It’s delish!

  2. Alice

    Hey Lin! Glad to see you hanging around familiar places! To be honest, 85 Degrees might be a bit hyped. JJ Bakery still remains my favorite when it comes to Taiwanese bakeries. 🙂

    If you’re ever in Irvine or Arcadia again, I highly recommend Liang Mama’s Kitchen. Their hand-pulled noodles are really delectable!

    Hope you have a great day!

    1. Stephanie @ The Travelling Tastebuds

      @ Alice: I love hand-pulled noodles! The texture makes such a difference!

      @ Lynn: I thought I would miss 85 Degrees so much when I moved to China… but it turns out 85 Degrees is everywhere! In Shenzhen alone… I’ve spotted at least SIX locations. This makes me very happy 🙂

  3. Floey

    I would pass by this place all the time when I was in school, and there was always a Disneyland-long-line outside! My friends swear by their taro bread and sea salt coffee.

  4. Lucy (Beyond Bourke Street)

    The 85 Degrees bakeries we have in Australia have these AMAZING bread/cookie sticks. They’re hard as rocks, but perfect for dunking into coffee. A little like biscotti! Highly recommended. I also like their Japanese cheesecake, sugar toasts, and fluffy, super-soft breads 😀

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