Saturday Morning Cartoons

No idea why I’m not sleeping well the last few days – this morning I was awake at 5:30 – before my niece, who’s still on east coast time!


The family was kind enough to trek over to our side. We all walked into town…


Julius included…


…and parked ourselves at Larchmont Bungalow for a little breakfast.


It was last Memorial Day Weekend that I first became obsessed with their bread pudding muffins. Been a while since my last one….


…no idea why, they’re still freakishly good!


Also shared their stellar Strawberry Muffin


…I ate many many many forkfuls.


Little Z didn’t want any of that action, but did gobble up this Rawxie I gave her back at the house!



She’s back on the Westside for a nap – I just pounded half a melon and may take a snooze too before we head over to reunite!

13 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Cartoons

  1. Miss K

    While I am reading this: it’s Sunday morning 10 am and I haven’t had breakfast yet. Seeing this food makes me really hungry!

  2. Ivy

    I spy a SDAFF shirt. woo hoo! =) Always great seeing you at SDAFF Lynn =) You are a very nice person.

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