Trader Joe’s Parking Lot

Even though we won’t be eating at home much over the next few days, I HAD to visit the brand new Trader Joe’s.


Located across the street from The Grove/Farmer’s Market, with an Umami Burger and Mendocino Farms opening next door, I’ve a feeling I’ll be living at the corner of Fairfax and 3rd. The only problem is the parking lot, which is almost worse than the infamous Venice Whole Foods one.


But inside, it’s super spacious!!! Dare I say, TOO big? That’s weird for me to admit, having lived in NYC for 7 years. Wide aisles make me feel a bit spoiled…


…I grabbed some of the last few packages of Ginger Chews, and stocked up…

photo copy

…an ironing break this morning…


…couple more shirts left and we’re off to the beach for family time.

P.S. My Spinach, Brie, and Chestnut Crustless Quiche is featured on Healthy Living Blogs today!


13 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Parking Lot

  1. Miss K

    I have heard so much about Traders Joe’s but never been to one (unfortunately not available where I live). Must check it out next time I’m visiting the US!

  2. Jen Gregory

    I love new supermarkets! And I cannot wait for Trader Joe’s to come to South Florida. There’s one in Naples, but that’s almost two hours away. Insert sad face.

  3. Claire

    I must have gone at a good time because it was pretty empty (both the store and lot) when I just went! Definitely nice and big too!

  4. em

    look at that bright and shiny TJ’s!! unfortunately i don’t have one here in Michigan. 🙁 there is one in ann arbor but not grand rapids. i spy bananas for 19 cents…wow!

  5. Deb

    It’s so great to have a TJs right down the street from me! I used to go to great lengths to avoid the other local location on La Brea, which I really hate. I do have to say though, it does feel like the aisles are very wide. I’m lucky that I live close enough where I don’t need to park. That lot did look hectic!

  6. Sues

    That Trader Joe’s looks incredible!! And might I also add that I REFUSE to drive to the TJ’s in my neighborhood because the parking lot is the biggest cluster ever! Always an accident waiting to happen- they have to have a cop man the parking lot on evenings and weekends! Luckily, I live within walking distance!

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