Canelé has sat high on my Smorgie brunch list for a while – hailed by bloggers, the LA Weekly and the LA Times as one of the city’s best.


Had some traffic issues making it over to Atwater Village this morning to meet our friends; luckily we were still able to skip the long lines and join the communal table in front.


They do not take reservations – here’s what the small space looked like at 10:30am:


Service took a while. Not as long as Lazy Ox, but definitely don’t go if you’re pressed for time!


To tide us over, some complimentary granola! I sampled a handful.


Still pretty full from last night’s RockSugar dinner; luckily one of the smallest menu items is also one of their most famous…


…listed as a “Baked Pancake with Meyer Lemon Custard” – you’ll find it under the “Sides” section.



Pretty Pretty Pan-cake!


I paused from photographing my order and turned my attention towards Abe’s…


…a beautiful braised leek and romesco fried egg sandwich, ordered without the bacon.


We traded bite for incredible bite.


Dough-y, pillow-y, and airy. Not too sweet, even with all the cream, and oh so lemon-y, thanks to the fresh juice squeezed on top.


At only $5.50, this is TOTALLY worth sitting in traffic for 45 minutes for!


I definitely want to come back for their sticky buns…


…and french toast – I’d read these were enormous, but even pictures don’t do them justice. You could probably build a nice fireplace with these.



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21 thoughts on “Canelé

  1. Margarita

    My boyfriend and I like to trade our food orders too. Everything is too delicious not t be shared, right? It is the perfect way to eat. This restaurant looks awesome!

  2. Cindy

    If they actually serve caneles, you should buy a few. They are my favorite French treat. A cake/custard carmelized delight. Divine.

    This looks like my kind of place. Yum!!!

  3. Ellen

    Oh my golly, thank you for
    The Wayne and Garth clip, I loved Wayne’s World. I gotta get myself to canele for one of those pretties:)

  4. Lindsay

    My mouth was watering just taking in these amazing treats! I can’t wait to be back in Cali someday and enjoy all of the great places you visit. I am THE breakfast girl, so any place that offers up a twist on the first meal of the day is a draw.

  5. Stephanie @ The Travelling Tastebuds

    Oh my gosh… the baked pancakes look SO GOOD… as do the sticky buns & the MASSIVE french toast 🙂 Too bad your hubby didn’t get the bacon… then he would have had a ‘face’ salad for brekkie! Yes… I still play with my food… … …

  6. Caitlin

    Wow Lynn, this place looks incredible and right up my alley. Both your dish and Abe’s have me drooling right now. As usual I’m jealous of the LA food scene you frequent!

  7. katecooks

    i’m just playing catch up and i have to say, your breakfast looks amazing! i’d like to say i’ll try it one day but i’m not sure if i even know where atwater village is?? LA is too darn big sometimes!

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