Bruised Lee

May 17, 2012

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If you were at the Yes We’re Open screening on Saturday and heard someone say “Ouch!” as I was being introduced for the Q&A…


…that someone was me! This actually hurt like a Muthaf*cker (with a hat) that night, so I’ve skipped my daily walks for the past few days; yesterday I finally felt better and took Julius for a long one…


…a few hours later more green stuff was consumed – sugar snap peas, leftover avocado mash + stir fry broccoli


…with Wasa Flatbreads:



Sweet snack plate for dessert – Kettle Corn, Dried TJ’s Aprictos, and an Almond Joy…


…am I the only one who eats their popcorn before going to the movie theater?


I was interviewed for Uploaded: The Asian American Movement around the same time that Halloween candy was bought – it was great to see the final product. I’m only in the film for one scene, but my Yes We’re Open leading man Parry is one of the stars!


Abe and I stayed put in our GINORMOUS comfy seats during the Q&A…


…my knees were grateful I didn’t have to get up there!


Quite inspiring to see how far Asian representation in media has come since the Bruce Lee Days…what folks like Kev Jumba, Mike Song, Freddie Wong, Wong Fu Productions, Just Kidding Films, and Happy Slip have been able to do online is astonishing…

…you can find out more about the documentary by visiting their official site.


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