I Feel Like Chicken Tonight

You know how athletes carb load before a race? What worked for my festival marathon yesterday was a ton of meat, followed by ginormous amounts of fruit. I still can’t believe I made it all the way til 3:30 in the morning.


Look at the size of that Fuji!!! I packed it in my purse while fueling up at home…


…went to see Sung and Michelle’s movie…


…rushed over to the CGV for my Surrogate Valentine/Daylight Savings Q&A…




Ate that apple in the car on the shuttle ride back to the DGA Theater


…missed the “Yes We’re Open” red carpet but did manage to snap my own photos with the poster.


Finally got a chance to hang out with Goh while waiting outside for the movie to finish (photo credit to Joz!)


Another Q&A…


…moderated by my buddy Phil (a.k.a Angry Asian Man)…


…more pictures…


…and then, somehow it was midnight! There was an official after party but we got word it was packed, and I was honestly too tired to stand/smile/schmooze. Headed over to The Prince instead to meet up with Daniel, Elaine, Tony, and some other peeps…



…much more intimate setting, smack in the heart of Koreatown…


…reminded us of The Regal Beagle!


The Prince is known for their fried chicken. It comes with cabbage, a spicy sauce, jalapeños, salt…


…pickled radish, and rice wrapper…


I made a little burrito.



The Prince sure knows how to fry a bird!


We also feasted on fruit. Ah….what a platter!


Doubles for me.

IMG_9755 IMG_9757

It’s kinda strange for me eating melon all cut up now. I’m about to spoon off that other cantaloupe half now, since I want to avoid Mother’s Day brunch crowds.

Speaking of which…


…sadly, my mama’s on the other side of the country.

Got a few festival films to attend later today, including another Q&A for “Daylight Savings” at 9:15pm. Thank you so much to everyone who came out last night to all the screenings – it was a really special evening.

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11 thoughts on “I Feel Like Chicken Tonight

  1. Mark

    My love for Daniel Dae Kim literally doubled the other day when I realized he’s a Philly guy and he threw out the first pitch for a Phillies game. I’m sure you and Abe can appreciate that. 🙂

  2. Alice C.

    I so love that colorful dress, Lynn! Strangely enough, I also had a week filled with lots of meat and fruit, very little carbs, and found that I’ve had a ton of energy …

  3. sophia

    Love that last pic with you and your mom, Lynn. You were such a cutie pie! Still is!
    Daniel Kim was in my neighborhood!! eee! >__<

  4. Liliana

    Beautiful photo!! I was a big fan of “Lost”, I`m happy to see Daniel Dae Kim with you, asian power yeah!!!

  5. Natasha

    you look gorge Lynn – love your “hairs” as I like to say – and so glad you decided to go long…the point cutting looks so good on you!

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