The Surrogate Valentine/Daylight Savings Double Feature is tonight so I gathered together with my cast/crew for a day-before dinner.

“I thought you were a vegan,” Mike said.


Uh….nope! I’ve been wanting to try Feng Mao Mutton Kebab 2 for a while now, just never had a group big enough to go in on a meat fest with me. We took up half the place!


It’s in Koreatown, so we started off with complimentary banchan


…and egg custard…


…I devoured 2 plates that looked like this while going over the menu.


As you can see, this place is also Chinese; I spoke in broken Mandarin with the waitress, then gave up. Deciding on food for a huge group frightens me!


Gary took over the ordering, and also the BBQ duties…


…though we got a lot of help from the servers.


So. Much. Meat!


I lost count of how many I had. At least a dozen. Maybe 15?


Mostly mutton, dipped in cumin seasoning. But plenty of pork + beef soaked in sauce…


…and chicken, straight up!


In addition to all of those skewers, I ate 3 pieces of fried prawns in mayo with walnuts…


…and probably 4 pieces of this fried salted…cod? Pork? I can’t remember anymore!


More double fried something was also consumed…


…in addition to Ma Po Tofu. Which also had meat.



There were vegetarian skewer options too, I just didn’t have any…


…though I did try some of Abe’s bok choy with shrooms.



God, the food was really good. I don’t know how, but we conquered all of it!


Probably best not to wear cashmere, like I did. Julius is gonna be obsessed with this sweater!


Feng Mao Mutton Kebab 2 (I just love saying that) is within walking distance of one of LAAPFF’s theaters, CGV Cinemas. We wobbled over to the 9:30pm screening of Viette


…written/directed by and starring one of our very talented dinner dates, Mye.


An intense, important, incredibly powerful and personal movie.

A lot to digest last night.

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  • Teresapalooza!!

    That place looks amazing – have to try it! I love how Korean restaurants always bring you a ton of food before you even get your food. The perfect way to celebrate Eat What You Want Day! :)

    • Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      ha! i wasn’t even thinking about EWYWD!

  • Cindy

    Holy bonkers BBQ! Can I be a crew member on your next film? I just want to join for the get together meals! I will happily carry shit around and take out the trash for this meal. 😉

  • Gary

    I love how my face is completely obscured by MEAT.

  • Bonnie

    I haven’t had a nice hearty meat feast in ages – it was definitely a mouth-watering spread! Does Feng Mao need to update their pics for the menu? Yours would be perfect!!

  • Fran@ Broken Cookies Don’t Count

    Looks like fun! Abe’s dish looks delicious!!

  • glidingcalm

    that restaurant looks amazingggg! all those meat skewers look delicious!

    and WOW! that trailer is intense! looks like a great movie!