Movies and Munchies

The last few days have beens nuts! And bananas!


And cookie dough….mmm….


More naner love with my post-audition/pre-movie snack…


…last piece of Beer Bread + Laughing Cow wedge…


…thanks, Cindy!


We went to see The Five-Year Engagement, which I’m pleased to say is a total foodie film


…and Randall’s in it!


The art outside of the theater really had me craving licorice….



…all made entirely from Red Vines. Which I don’t love. (Total Twizzlers gal.)


Also noshed on a combo of corns…


Kettle + plain with a sprinkle of sea salt


The movie snacks continued well into the night…


…a Reese’s Crunchy PB Cup, Yogurt-Covered Raisins, and frozen mango


The trailer for Daylight Savings is live on iTunes now…

…it’s playing twice this weekend in LA and I’ll be at both Q&A’s.  The festival starts tonight – I just did a guest post for Privy Magazine on places to eat near the DGA Theater!


11 thoughts on “Movies and Munchies

  1. Cindy

    Glad they got to you so quickly. They are my favorite and I order a 5 lb bag online. Hope you enjoy. Enjoy the next few days. It should be awesome.

    You are getting several mentions on Angry Asian Man’s podcast. Yay!

  2. Cellabella

    Yay for Twizzlers! I never heard of Red Vines until I moved to California, and they just didn’t make my mouth happy the way Twizzlers do 🙂

  3. Darcee

    I think the Red Vine fascination is a West coast thing. I grew up in Iowa, and I don’t think they even existed?? I’m a Twizzler gal all the way. I love the cherry flavored Nibs.

  4. faux

    do u just eat the mango frozen ? dun they get just a bit soft from the warmth ? i dun really get it . . . & also, u eat such healthy junk food, jet u’re still so thin ! (well, in the GOOD way) ;*

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