Big Cherry and Kettle Corn

The internet was out all over the city yesterday! Or at least, in my area…went to two libraries and parked outside two cafes in order to get yesterday’s post up! When I got home I saw that the cable TV was affected too; since we use Vonage, I wasn’t able to retrieve this call from my commercial agents:


Ha; not even close to what was actually recorded!

With nothing to distract me, I decided to take a bath. Supremely hypocritical of me, especially after blogging about water conservation. But I haven’t soaked in months, and desperately needed to relax.


Then, I ate popcorn. Lots of it!


Inhaled about half this bag of Kettle Corn before deciding to portion my final handful into a bowl…


…with dried cranberries too.


A pale food parade – Beer Bread + Laughing Cow



…followed by more red – candy that I’ve had for months…


…every time I opened the freezer door “Cherry Bomb” by the Runaways got in my head.


Chocolate and nuts wrapped around a creamy, nougat-y center. Beyond sweet. Maybe if it hadn’t been rock-solid, there would’ve been liquid spilling out? I don’t know because I’ve never eaten one before!


The internet was spotty all evening, but we were able to watch the third installment of Sherlock Season 1 on Netflix Instant…just realized there was a big bomb theme in that episode. Not a ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry one.


Are you in the UC Davis area? Yes We’re Open is opening their Film Festival tonight – it’s free and open to the public! And don’t forget, we’re coming to Los Angeles this Saturday


…tickets on sale for Nice Girls Crew and the Surrogate Valentine Double Feature as well!

P.S. Wouldn’t the title of this post make a great band name?


7 thoughts on “Big Cherry and Kettle Corn

  1. Tamara

    Sherlock is so good! I can’t wait for season 2. We recorded the first ep on PBS but haven’t watched it yet.

  2. Andie

    Popcorn and a bath sound like the most amazing day ever. I only have a shower in my current place and I dream of bathing all the time. haha
    Soak it up!

  3. Bonnie Leung

    G. H. Cretors popped corn is naturally addictive! I have yet to try kettle corn but I was recently introduced to a cheddar and caramel combination – a sinful yet delightful mix! The cherry chocolate you enjoyed reminds me of Cherry Blossom that we get in Canada. It’s a runny version with a whole cherry in the centre, surrounded by yummy chocolate of course! Do you get it in the US?

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