Brunch at Lazy Ox Canteen

Brunch at Lazy Ox Canteen in Downtown Los Angeles.

Since opening in December of 2009, Lazy Ox Canteen has been at the top of my “must-eat” list.  The restaurant recently changed chefs, but its reputation hasn’t suffered. I enter with very high expectations.



At 12pm on Sunday with a reservation for four, things started off pretty chill…


…then we realize it has been about 20 minutes since we’d ordered, and Sam and John still hadn’t received their coffees. Servers become hard to flag down, I wind up refilling our water glasses…


…the place has turned into a zoo!!!


The coffee finally arrives, but an hour passes before food was finally set down in front of us. And when it did, it was the wrong order (x3)!

Eventually we accept a gift on the house to tide us over – Buttermilk Biscuit with Bacon Gravy and Fried Egg…


…once I had a bite, I knew all would be well.


Yum.  Really yum.  I order the Ricotta Pancakes, and share with everyone else.


Sam’s Vanilla Biscuit with Smoked Salmon, Slow Cooked Egg, and Lemon Hollandaise…


…Abe’s Polenta with Creamed Mushrooms and Curry…


…and John’s Short Ribs, tucked into a Crepe made from Sobrassada Scramble:


To make up for the timing issues, they shower us with more freebies. The rest of our meal is comped!


No champagne for me, but I did go to town on these hot, chewy french fries with dill…


…one handful bathed in the Smoked Paprika Aioli…


…another wound up taking a dive into pancake syrup.


For dessert, we were treated to their famous Rice Pudding, drizzled with salted caramel and hazelnut crumbs.


By the time we finish, almost 2.5 hours had passed, and we are the only ones there. (So 2:00pm would be the time to visit! ) They definitely aren’t lazy, just crazy. I’ll give them another shot for sure, because the food is just so darn tasty.


Wandering outa there feeling like cattle.


5 thoughts on “Brunch at Lazy Ox Canteen

  1. Let Me Eat Cake

    yikes that’s a long lunch! that rice pudding looks so good may check it out for lunch just to try dessert 🙂

  2. Alice C.

    Hi Lynn! Do you keep a running list of restaurants to try in LA? There seem to be so many great dining spots. I’m in NYC and every time we cross one off our list, three more pop up 🙂

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