Christy, Ronna, and Beverly

Christy made her HUGE screen debut yesterday!


I brought over some yellow tulips (so they would last) to celebrate her movie, “The Sound of My Voice,” which begins its limited release this weekend.


Since Abe and I already had plans (and saw the film at SXSW last year) I just came over for the pre-celebration.


No appetite from my feast at Street, but I did want to blog about these worms. If you go to “The Sound of My Voice,” you’ll understand their significance…


…decided we’ll dust off the old podcast mic for an upcoming conversation ALL about the food from behind-the-scenes.


Headed straight from Christy’s to wait on line for Ronna and Beverly


…almost peed my pants laughing. Seriously – don’t drink a cup of tea and a can of Diet Root Beer before going to see them, because the UCB Theatre’s Mens’ room is only a urinal and the Ladies’ line is long.

Here’s an old show they did interviewing former NKOTB Joey McIntyre.

“Beverly” ate about 5 carrots on stage last night, so I was seriously craving a few when we got home!


After seeing them live (and listening to their podcasts) I’ve accepted that I’m really an old Jewish woman from Marblehead, MA.


Philly pholks! There’s a double feature of “Surrogate Valentine” and “Daylight Savings” today at the Annenberg Center. I obviously won’t make it, but Goh will be there, playing a live performance too as part of the XPN Music Film Festival.


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