Daily Archives: April 28, 2012

Street Breakfast

Make way for Julius! Street leftovers… …mung bean pancake with scallion, kimchi, and shiitake… …date and kamut fritter. Ate both of these cold… …but with some super hot tea! Grabbin some grapes now… …got a rare weekend audition today, so depending how long that takes, I’m not sure what the day has in store….movie, museum? Both? We’ll see!  Have a

Christy, Ronna, and Beverly

IMG_8000 I brought over some yellow tulips (so they would last) to celebrate her movie, ” The Sound of My Voice ,” which begins its limited release this weekend . IMG_8004 Since Abe and I already had plans (and saw the movie at SXSW last year) I just came over for the pre-celebration. IMG_8011 No appetite from my feast at Street , but I did want to blog about these worms. … Seriously – don’t drink a cup of tea and a can of Diet Root Beer before going to see them, because the UCB Theatre’s Mens’ room is only a urinal and the Ladies’ line is long.