Mostly Mangoes

Some days, as I drive for hours around town all day to audition 5 minutes (for a part I most likely won’t get) I wonder, “Why in the world do I do this?”


(Devoured in traffic – dried fruit. The bag says “peaches” but it was mostly mango.)


Last night was a nice reminder of why I put up with all the show biz crap…I’ve worked my entire life (since I was 5-years-old) in this industry, and need to celebrate any achievements, because they’re rare. The LA Asian Pacific Film Festival helped me do just that, with its official launch party at Xai Verandah Lounge last night…


…I’m in five movies this year – here’s one of them!


The entire restaurant was rented out for the event – and what a lovely space it was…



…as you can see, it was a wee bit crowded, so once I reached the food, I loaded my plates up!


Alongside Fattoush salad were baba ganoush + hummus with pita chips…


…chicken and rice…


…and bread pudding to finish –


A LOT of everything…didn’t want to stand in that line again…


…don’t know how I shook as many hands as I did carrying these two (plus my drink)!


The hookah smoke was bothering me; I wound up moving to the bar area.


Ate everything on my dinner plate, left a lot of dip behind (mostly because there was nothing to scoop it up anymore)…


…but I did wolf down this entire dessert. With white chocolate and coconut, it was delicious – couldn’t put down my fork!


Yes, sometimes the constant negativity of this profession I’ve chosen gets to me, but at the end of the day, it’s great to realize you’re surrounded by support…


…thank you VC for providing a warm, welcome home, all these years.


Tickets for all five of my movies are on sale now – I will definitely be at the Q&A’s for “Yes We’re Open,” the “Surrogate Valentine” double feature, and “Nice Girls Crew.” Hope to see you there!

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  1. j3nndotnet

    5 movies in a year! That’s 500% more than I’ll ever be in my entire lifetime, LOL. You are rockin’ it.

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