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April 24, 2012

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On Sunday, Abe and I went to bed right after the nightly Electrical Water Pageant – so, earlier than most of the children at Disney World…

…before the sun came up, we said TTFN to our hotel

…and boarded the Disney Magical Express.

This is a free service for those staying at the park resorts…

…at 6 in the morning, it was a pretty smooth ride…

…plus, they show videos! Well, for some reason they only played 1/2 a cartoon – the rest of it was advertising for Disney’s various vacations, online souvenir stores, etc…

Unlike the shuttle bus to Downtown Disney (which took forever) we arrived with plenty of time to kill.

Really wish LAX had free Wifi…

…and interesting grab-n-go choices like Zaza.

In addition to some cool-sounding guava pastries, they carried Cuban sandwiches, pressed on demand.

Wasn’t hungry enough for that, but always in the mood for muffins; got one for the flight.

Fried banana chips and sweetened nuts are like crack to me. I prefer eating them in baked goods, rather than inhaling them by the handful.

Planes never seem to have herbal tea, so I brought my own from home and asked for hot water.

Vacation over.

Now all we have left are memories…in case you missed them, here are the post recaps:

Happy to be back (it helps that we have our own theme park here) but I already miss Katherine; really wish I could see my beloved friend more often.

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