Theme Parked Out

Yes…it actually happened…

…reached my theme park threshold! Instead of spending another expensive and exhaustive day fighting the crowds, the lines, and the weather, Abe and I decided to forego Universal’s Harry Potter World and spend Sunday at our hotel instead.  (So no Butter Beer reviews until 2015.)

Luckily, Disney’s Contemporary is located right on the Monorail system, which is free, so we went resort hopping!

Definitely swankier than ours…

…with an “old” elevator in the lobby…

…I think this guy felt a lot like me:

From the description online, this place sounded awesome.


…and food.  Together.

But the grab-n-go options at our hotel were more plentiful…

…so were the seating areas. To be honest, I found the ambiance a little sad.

The blueberry muffin, however, was surprisingly good – moist and full of fruit.

(Doesn’t hurt that there’s huge chunks of sugar baked in on top.)

Maybe this hotel looks swankier…

…but we definitely had them beat on the food and arcade!

Gasparilla Grill and Games on Urbanspoon


6 thoughts on “Theme Parked Out

  1. Kristine

    I feel like going to DisneyWorld. What hotel are you staying at? Definitely mickey-themed from the the towel.

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  3. lifelibertyandthepursuitofdisney

    I love how they place the towels into the shape of Mickey’s head! It’s small touches like that that truly make you feel special when visiting the parks 🙂

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