Hungry Like the Wolfgang

It’s funny that I traveled all the way from Los Angeles to have my first Wolfgang Puck experience in Orlando…

…of course, I’ve eaten his food before, but only to-go in airports, his Oscar chocolate, and packaged grocery store items (he makes a stellar veggie stock).

Located in Downtown Disney, Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe has everything from an Express Lunch, to a Sushi Bar, to a fine dining dinner.

Abe and I were invited to experience the cafe menu on Sunday.  I loved that the server asked right away if we had any food allergies, then made suggestions on the menu.

Such an exciting bread basket! Cheese flatbread and onion focaccia…

…restrained myself to just a sample, since I knew more was coming!

We both got sushi to start…

…mine was Lobster salad with Cucumber, Avocado, Sesame Seeds and Masago. YUM.

Also delicious was Abe’s Vegetarian Roll…

…cucumber, avocado, asparagus, red bell peppers. I used lots of ginger.

For our main entrees, we shared a Pizza – veganized by removing the mozzarella…

…and the Butternut Squash Soup.

(Oops, facing the wrong way!)

The pizza was piled with fresh veggies – I wound up eating two slices…

…and about 1/2 the soup (<— as good as his stock, but not vegan since there’s cream in it)

Had just enough room for my favorite course. Since we were in Florida, it was the Key Lime Pie!

Gorgeous, huh?

I had it with tea…

…they sent out three types, with lemon.

But back to that dessert…

…it was amazing! Smooth and tangy sweet, with meringue on top and a buttery graham cracker base. I had the larger half, with lots of the sauce.

What did I think of my first date with Wolfgang?!?

Afterwards, we walked around and digested.

I found it amusing that this BabyCakes had cheaper prices than the one on Larchmont

…and shared residences with this Pollos Hermanos, I mean, Pollo Campero.

Christmas + Disney = my true love

I really wanted to get this Pluto, but I knew Julius would tear it up (not only from jealousy but because he can’t control himself around plush items)…

…so for my traditional trip souvenir, I got this instead.

Sad to be heading home, but at least there’s lots of stuff in Los Angeles to remind me of our trip – maybe I’ll swing by BabyCakes and Wolfgang Puck’s tonight!

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