World Travelers

Nope, didn’t go back to Los Angeles…

…or NYC…

…just another day at Disney World!

We began the day at Hollywood Studios. I’d heard about the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater and popped in 10 minutes before they opened to see if we could get in without a reservation…

…they accommodated!

Wasn’t too hungry for a real meal, so again, I ate ice cream

…some fruit this time too! (Apple cobbler.)

Actually this is what it really looked like to me…

…we were eating in the dark as they showed old Sci-Fi movies and cartoons!

I think we got special treatment since I had this pin on my bag…

…the whole park was saying “Happy Anniversary” to us!

Next stop…Epcot…

…it’s the International Flower and Garden Festival right now…

Spaceship Earth!

They’ve updated it quite a bit…you can see our ride video online too!

Really lucked out with the weather – it was supposed to thunderstorm all day long but as you can see, it was hot and sunny enough to hit Club Cool…

…here you can taste test sodas from all around the world…

…I didn’t actually have any (Abe said Japan’s was terrible) but I did sip on a Diet Coke later on in the day…

…with half this pretzel from Germany –

Afterwards, we traveled the rest of the World Showcase…

…wound up trapped in Norway when the rain finally came pouring down, so we watched this movie from the 80’s a couple times.

When things cleared up, we hopped on a few more rides before calling it quits. Here’s one I’d never been on before that I thought you guys might find interesting –

Living with the Land” – featuring all my favorite fruits and veggies…

…and of course:

Be back later with a recap of dinner!

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  • Simply Life

    oh looks like such a fun time! glad the weather has worked out as well!

  • Cindy

    So relieved you are getting breaks in the weather and are able to enjoy the parks.

  • Olivia

    oh gosh that looks like the funnest trip ever :) enjoy!!

  • Kyla

    I’m in love with your sweatshirt! where did you get it??

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      i scored it at a clothing swap! unfortunately there’s no tag in it…

  • Joy

    I love Epcot! A lot!!!

  • squigglefloey

    Random: I love your hair in these shots! Do you use a curling iron?

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  • cecil

    Whoa! Kermit as Luke Skywalker… I’m a big Star Wars fan and I love Kermit.

    Seems like a great way to celebrate anniversaries. Fun! Food! and theme parks… but I still can’t get over Kermit. =P Hahaha!

  • Lynn at The Actors Diet

    I think this hair was the result of having used a straightening iron to do a flip a day or 2 w/o washing?