Theatrical Release

Since finishing The Hunger Games this weekend, I was very anxious to see the live-action version on Sunday.


This is how I got hooked on Harry Potter – completed the first book and went to the movie hours after. It’s nuts seeing everything I’ve imagined come to life before me immediately. (Dude, we’ll be sipping on Butterbeer in exactly one week!!!)


First, I channeled Katniss and fueled up on a ton of Farmers Market samples – heavy on the citrus…


…and apples…


…then we hit the theater!


Not surprisingly, we were hungry when we got back at 3pm.


I spread some PB Crave on Rudi’s Gluten Free Multigrain, and used the new sandwich press to grill it.


First time using these plates and it worked beautifully – no mess (like with the previous waffle maker). Loved the nut butter flavor too (PB giveaway going on now)…


…more chocolate n peanut butter followed:


Have heard the next two books in the trilogy aren’t as good but I’m still going to read them. (Word-of-mouth for the movie was pretty mixed too, so I was pleasantly surprised that I loved it.)


In the evening we went to the theater again – this time, a live show.


Our Wesleyan friends John, Neil, and Jordan were all involved in this production, and definitely did our alma mater proud. The play runs through May 13th and you can get discounted tickets through Goldstar. A portion of the proceeds helps to fund The Mechanical Theatre Group’s Outreach Program, bringing theatre into school communities where arts funding has been cut.


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  1. chezjulie

    The Hunger Games has gotten mostly favorable reviews in the press. The Metacritic score is a 67. I thought it was quite good, too, although I enjoyed the experience of reading the book more. I’d say the first book is the best but the others are very readable too.

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