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Guest Blogger: Angela Rockwood

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If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ve heard me mention my dear friend Angela, one of the most inspiring people I know. Her new docu-series “Push Girls” will premiere on The Sundance Channel in June, but you can catch a sneak preview this Tuesday, April 17th at 10pm.

I entered the world of dieting at the age of 16, before I began modeling professionally through my last year of high school. I left Tampa, Florida to model in Hawaii and later moved on to NY, where dieting and practical eating was not the “in thing.”

My modeling agent would knock on my bedroom door and I’d have to stand naked as she examined and critiqued my exposed body, telling me that I needed to be thinner. My booker would always say, “You can never be too thin or too rich.” The thinner I got, the more money I made.

After four years of easy, fast money, on my way to signing a major contract, I decided to save my health and get out of the modeling industry before I became seriously ill. I traded that life for a healthier one a year later, and became a fitness instructor at the age of 21. I don’t think I had complete, effortless control of my diet and body until I entered the world of acting at the age of 24.

Two years later I got in a car accident…and everything I worked for, strived for, and perfected, went out the window, literally.

I guess I can say now, looking back, I seriously sweated the small stuff. Even though my body may not be the ideal, toned one you see in Maxim because I sit in a wheelchair, I have embraced it completely, flaunt it tastefully in magazines, and have a definite message to relay to those out there on every level.

Today I sit down (no pun intended) and give diet/eating advice. No one has an excuse if they can’t lose weight because they can’t exercise. Hello? I’m in a wheelchair, can’t move from the neck down, and I lost 60 pounds.

Angela was recently featured on the cover of Life in Action, giving nutrition and exercise advice (page 16). You can read more about her story on the Push Girls official site.

A Berry Good Day

brunch - fruit - vegetarian

Love eating at Emily and Thad’s! The food + company never disappoint.


On my plate – poached eggs over roasted asparagus…


…crispy potatoes and carrots (also given a trip in the oven)


Last day of Passover!


Mine were spread with yolk, in lieu of butter.


The desserts I brought went over well…



…paired with fresh Farmer’s Market pickings:



Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee…so good…


…I had another piece with a little more fruit.


Back home, I never got in the mood for dinner, so there were more strawberries…


…with a cup of soup – kinda the perfect meal to finish The Hunger Games with.


Yes We’re Open” premieres in Chicago tonight at 6pm (also playing Thursday the 19th). I like that the Siskel Film Center is using a blog picture I took with my iPhone for their site!