The last time I was at 3711 Cahuenga Boulevard, it was called SunPower Natural Cafe


…the name has been shortened, the front has been painted, but I’m happy to report the food is just as good! Ron (the owner) invited us back in to sample their menu, which has expanded a lot in the past 2 years.


The specials sounded so good, we had to order those…


…but we did get some of the restaurant’s most popular raw dishes, as suggested by our incredibly friendly and knowledgable server, Hong.

Lettuce Leaf Tacos – SunChorizo, cashew cheese, pico de gallo, avocado, green onion, pecan pieces, and basil ranch on romaine lettuce leaves.


Their “Chorizo” is made of nuts/seeds and impressively flavorful. We each gobbled up 2 crunchy pieces.


Portioned out smaller tastes of the Supreme Pizza and Kale Salad…


…with marinara, SunChorizo, tomato, cashew cheese, marinated bell pepper, and onion. The crust was hearty, and didn’t taste like cardboard, or compressed flax seeds, like at other raw restaurants.


(Abe’s fresh carrot apple juice served as a palate cleanser between courses.)


The Mac n Cheese did not disappoint…


…neither did the Savory Corn Cakes…


…served on top of Cauliflower Puree with mushroom gravy…


…just as comforting as Thanksgiving dinner!



I remembered freaking out over their dessert last time, so we boxed up the entree leftovers and made room…


…ordered some Banana Dulce tea to go with –


Mint Chocolate Cheesecake…


…and Key Lime Pie…


Raw. Vegan. Sweetened naturally.


Creamy. Rich. Amazing.


We really loved SunCafe just as much as when it was Sunpower Natural, and found ourselves wondering, “WHY aren’t we here all the time?!?” The food is amazing and well-priced, the vibe is down-to-earth without being hippie dippy flakey, and there’s something on the menu that would satisfy everyone (even meat eaters).

The one thing that was problematic:


Actually, they have an agreement with the place next door. I wound up walking in on four tables of Dungeons + Dragons…


…but I love geeks + gamers, so that was a pretty amazing bathroom experience as well!

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10 thoughts on “SunCafe

  1. Emily

    I love SunCafe! It’s definitely one of my favorite restaurants in the city. Plus, I literally live 2 minutes away, so I’m there all the time.
    When I saw your picture on Instagram of the Key Lime Pie, I was wondering if it was from there!
    Too funny that you mentioned the bathroom situation- I’ve had to go over to the place next door multiple times as well! It’s always funny to see the intense Dungeons and Dragons games and debates that are going on.

  2. Vegyogini

    I just had lunch at SunCafe. It had been a while since my last meal there, but I was at the very first tasting they ever did and I’m acquainted with the owners. I’m sorry to say I was quite disappointed this time around. My friend got the mac & cheese and it was TINY for a $14 portion. It was more like a side than an entree. I had the fiesta burger special, which was fine, but again, not worth $14. We could have had similarly good versions of these for 1/2 the price at Veggie Grill! And, I know you don’t love Cafe Gratitude, but I do and their burger blows this one away!

    Last bit: SunCafe does have a bathroom beyond that “no public restrooms” sign. I’ve even used it! I have no idea why they don’t let paying customers use it, but the result is that I didn’t order a drink when I was there.


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