Craving Peanut Butter

Who wants Peanut Butter? [ Raises hand. ]

Not Julius. These flavors that were sent to me have chocolate and are definitely not for doggies.

So I ignored my craving, ate a melon, took him on a walk…

…the whole time thinking, “Peanut Butter. Chocolate. Peanut Butter. Chocolate.”

Back home:

Smooth, creamy, drizzly…

…and charitable!

I ate a tablespoon, straight up…

…with a side of leftover M Cafe Kale

It actually tasted really good together (more like their Spicy Peanut┬áversion, which I vastly prefer)…

…in fact, despite the chocolate chips, this nut butter isn’t too sweet; could definitely be used in savory dishes, like my Peanut Butter Noodles or Vegan African Stew.

It can only be ordered online right now, but if you follow them on facebook or twitter, you can be updated on when they’re coming to a grocery store near you. Thanks for the jars, PB Crave!


12 thoughts on “Craving Peanut Butter

  1. verbs and vignettes

    they look delicious! PB has had a spotlight in my kitchen recently… i found a store brand that i am now hooked on, but just discovered CHOCOLATE PB2. it is a game-changer for my bowl of oatmeal.

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  6. KK

    I could never be trusted around that much PB. I’ve been known to devour a whole jar in two days and break out like crazy. I never buy it anymore because I simply like it too much for my own good.

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