Cupcakes, Tea, and Research

April 5, 2012

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Still pretty stuffed from last night’s dinner at Veggie Grill, so I didn’t eat until noon today.  Had half a BabyCake that Melanie brought to the MGL Offices

…while simultaneously doing research on what to bring for Passover this Saturday.

It needs to be:

1. Huge
2. Vegetarian
3. Tomato-free
4. Cheese-free
5. In season
6. Passover-friendly (no grains!)
7. Easy and quick

#7 is especially important, since I’m going to be shooting earlier in the day and will need to throw something together in less than 2 hours. Even better are recipes like the one Giada was demonstrating – since it can be mostly compiled the day before. I’m thinking maybe a crustless quiche? Anyone have a recipe they love without flour?

1/2 a chocolate down…

…followed by tea at Bricks and Scones, where I met up with my White on Rice co-star, James. (Just heard that movie is back up on Comcast on Demand right now – under “Cinema Asian America!”)

Now I’m back home for more research, more tea…

…hit me BabyCakes one more time!

Did you notice my desktop picture? I’m also looking up stuff for Disneyworld, since I’m going there (and possibly taking a road trip too) mid-April. So if anyone has any favorite Disney eats and/or places to stop/stay along the way from Los Angeles to Orlando, I’d love your help with that too!

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