Vegetarian Tamale Pie

Spring Time = Baby Time! My friends Mayuka and Brad just delivered their baby boy Monday, and last night we met our 3-week old cousin, Vivi.

New baby = casserole

I brought over one that could easily be frozen in case of leftovers, but also to fit various food restrictions. This is a meat-free spin on the famous tamale pies I’m always drooling over online.

Basically sautee some garlic, ginger, onion, and carrots in garlic oil…

…add 5 crumbled Korean BBQ Sauce (<—no tomato – one of the dietary limitations)…

Half of it got layered with shredded white cheddar…

…then topped with cornbread mix and more cheese (so we knew which side was dairy-free)

Baked at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes until the top is done – I kept it compiled in the fridge and used Amy and Paul’s oven.

Brought some appetizers too…

…Jovan’s Taste of Tuscany Crackers, Cinnamon Almonds…

…and a quick garlic-y dip I whipped up with Goat Cheese, Garlic Oil, Garlic Gold/Dill

Noshed on about 4 of 5 of these guys…

…while tossing the dried fig and spinach salad –

Fig syrup, Fig Balsamic, Lemon Juice, Avocado Oil.

Too much BBQ sauce – I eyeballed around 1.5 cups, so use a lot less if you’re going to try this. Otherwise, an easy, fuss-free dinner. Perfect for our first meal with Vivi!

Dessert was also simple…

…Banana Manna from Beverly Hills Juice – Just whipped bananas and Organic Almonds.

We had a lovely time seeing our cousins, especially the newest one…

…now I know some good reading material for the other spring chicks!


6 thoughts on “Vegetarian Tamale Pie

  1. emily chang (@chihuac)

    mmmm…that banana manna looks good! i’ve only bought their juices at Erehwon, never in store. I’ll hafta check it out!

  2. Sarah (@wcpartyparty)

    Lovely! That casserole looks so tempting. And that last page of the book made me laugh. I can hardly remember a time before blogs.

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