Snow Monkey

I was asked to be interviewed for “MashBox,” a brand new show on MYX TV. Our shoot took place in the Westfield Topanga Mall, underneath the smoke monster…

…past the classiest carousel I’ve seen in a while…

…not at Pinkberry…

…but another frozen dessert stand, Snow Monkey!

This is Mark Manguera’s (Kogi Taco Truck) and Richard Hong’s (shaved ice, so I was psyched it was actually hot enough today to enjoy some.

That’s not paparazzi….

…just the camera crew capturing me doing my thing!

After being interviewed, we got to eat! Started off with some Strawberry Popping Boba shots…

…then filled up on Taro-flavored snow…

…with carob chips, sweetened red beans, Fruity Pebbles…

…and peaches…

…in honor of the show’s host, Grace Su!

Her’s was strawberry snow, with boba, mochi, cereal, and Chocolate Pocky. We traded bites on-camera.

The segment will air on MYX TV late May. Thanks Snow Monkey for letting us shoot there and for feeding us a yummy treat too!

Video: Behind the Food


10 thoughts on “Snow Monkey

  1. Jackie White

    Why don’t we have Snow Monkey or Trader Joes or Cholula Sauce in England..grrrrrrrr! I need to a trip to the states soon!!!

      1. Jackie White

        ..and Betty’s tea rooms which is a must and a recommendation for ur next visit…..u and Abe will need to half, half a dozen of the treats on offer :o)!!

  2. peachiesinla

    So good chatting with you today! You are seriously on top of if with the blogging! :]

  3. Truey

    I’d have the Taro Snow with Red beans, Mochi, and a Leechee nut on top…why didn’t they get the real Boba instead of that Juicy Popping stuff that doesn’t even taste like Boba, at least not at Yogurtland?!?!?!?!

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