Cult Classic

Another Saturday, another baby shower, another Porto’s cake!

This time the food was catered from there too…

…including their classic Potato Balls!

Filled with meat, but plenty of vegetarian options for Abe, like this pasta…

…and all the other salads too –

My plate had it all…

…and BOTH cakes.

(Chocolate F.T.W.)

Afterwards, we hit LACMA for their Free Saturday (pix from the exhibits on my Instagram!)

When we got home I enjoyed a plate of broccoli…

…in chip form!  Picked up from Bhan Kanom Thai

…they were NOT good. Dry, bland, blah.

I still finished them, though, while we watched Martha Marcy May Marlene

…was surprised how much I enjoyed this movie. Guess I’m into indie films about cults – because I also loved The Sound of My Voice when we saw it at SXSW last year. The latter isn’t premiering til late April, but you can see the first 12 minutes of it online now, AND CHRISTY’S IN IT!!!

You can see my buddy in the trailer too…she’s the cult member with short, auburn hair.

P.S. For those of you trying to use the 10% off code for Keep It Sweet, it works now!  Just make sure to use ALL CAPS since it’s case-sensitive.

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14 thoughts on “Cult Classic

  1. j3nndotnet

    All of the catered food looks fabulous, especially that pasta platter!!! I want to swim in it. 🙂

  2. Anna @ On Anna's Plate

    We watched MMMM (great film– WORST title!! I can never remember all the names!) a few weeks ago and really liked it. But, within the span of a few weeks, we also watched Meek’s Cutoff and Take Shelter, so I’m on “ambiguous film ending” overload 🙂

  3. Vanessa from LA

    Love Porto’s, but hate the line unfortunately. In a city of so many people, it can be tiring being so “urban”. However, if I could enjoy it through their catering, that would be lovely. Those potato balls are delicious!

  4. Emily

    I just watched MMMM a few nights ago and was thoroughly impressed as well! It was one of those films that I was convinced I wasn’t going to enjoy, but did. Always a nice surprise. (:

  5. Vegyogini

    I watched MMMM early last week and also enjoyed it. Yesterday, I saw the new doc “Bully” at Arclight Hollywood and it was incredible, heartbreaking, but incredible.

  6. katecooks

    i saw MMMM a few months ago and loved it! totally creepy and had me and julia chatting about it for an hour, which i think is a sign of a good film 🙂

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