Crumb, Crumb, Crumb, Crumb

March 29, 2012

in breakfast

[ sung to the tune of the Dragnet/Tums jingle ]


LOVE when there’s more crumb than cake! This one’s made of sour cream so it’s super moist and dense.


Abe shot a cooking demo pilot yesterday, and brought home all sorts of on-camera goodies that are now in the freezer. There’s still a lot of cake, but not a crumb left on this morning’s plate.


You Hunger Games fans may recognize the book in the back – Abe has begun the trilogy…I still have my own read that I’m only 1/3 through, plus they’re announcing a new pick at tonight’s book club…so I don’t know if I’ll start when he’s done. Though he’s pretty convinced I would love it….


…speaking of “Hunger” -


How awesome are these posters at the Vine Street Trader Joe’s?



FYI – the cantaloupes there right now are MASSIVE and $3 each. I just ate half of one and it took almost 30 minutes to finish.


Off to join my dear husband at the MGL Offices and get some work done…Happy Thursdsay everyone!

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