Feeling Down(ton)

Christmas in March!


*SNIFF* The last episode of Downton Abbey for another YEAR.


Obviously I need Mrs. Patmore and Daisy in my kitchen…


…this is the best I could scrounge up for breakfast today.


Nonfat organic cottage cheese, chocolate-covered Cheerios


…couldn’t even make myself a proper cup of tea! Just lemon and hot H20.


I much prefer watching series on DVD/on-demand so I don’t have to wait. A non-stop marathon satisfies my addictive side.

Some other favorite shows we’ve been experienced this way:

Next up is Friday Night Lights – and if you can believe it, we’ve never watched The Sopranos either!

What are some TV shows that have had you hooked?


19 thoughts on “Feeling Down(ton)

  1. thehungryartist

    OMG, I can’t believe you haven’t seen the Sopranos! Aren’t you originally from NJ? lol. I wasn’t into it when it was first aired, but it grew on me. The writing and acting are great.

  2. Tasi Alabastro

    I’m with you on the marathon-ing! Doing that right now with Doctor Who. I want to catch The Wire next, but Downtown Abbey sounds great too. Is it anywhere close to the atmosphere from Gosford Park?

  3. caitlin

    I too enjoy ramming an entire series into my brain at once, did it with Lost, 6 feet under and Heroes! i think I’m going to jump on the Downton Abbey bus too!

  4. Jackie White

    Crumpets and Earl Grey should be breakfast when feasting on Downton Abbey!!! A four part drama ‘Titanic’ just aired over here on ITV, aptly twittered about as #drownton – if u like downton and titanic it may a must see!!

  5. Cindy

    Definitely Breaking Bad. I did the on demand marathon too, but haven’t seen the last season. Currently watching The Wire and really like it. I’m totally hooked on the Walking Dead. Those are some of the current favorites.

  6. Judy Hsieh Bigman

    We love doing marathons, too We’ve been hooked on Torchwood. We started backwards with the later two installments (“Miracle Day” and “Children of Earth”). Both were great :o)

  7. Bianca

    Love this post/question. Glad you are getting on the FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS train! Some of my favorite series of all time that are no longer running are THE WIRE, GILMORE GIRLS, VERONICA MARS, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, FREAKS & GEEKS. I can’t imagine life without them!

  8. Darcee

    I’ve never been much of a TV show watcher. The commercials make me crazy. Since I’ve had kids, it’s gotten worse, and dwindled to…….no watching at all. I’ve never seen any of the series anyone above (or you) mentioned. Some I’ve never even heard of. I know, I live under a rock:( It’s a happy rock though!!

    However, somehow we got hooked on watching the entire series of Ghost Whisperer. We are currently 7 episodes away from the end. I’m sad. We’re trying to find a new series to watch, one that will keep all of us (mom and kids aged 7, 9, and 13) interested. Ok, maybe just the oldest of us, my daughter is happy to sit and color/bead/draw/or braid my hair while we watch TV:) It has to be an on demand thing.

    Oh, the boys have been watching Warehouse 13 on demand. And my kids managed to watch the entire series of Monk without me participating lol.

  9. Caitlin

    LOVE MAD MEN. Watched the season premiere last night.
    That breakfast, tho simple, looks awesome. I love cottage chz and really need to try all the special Cheerios out there now. I am a plain Cheerio h8er so just haven’t gotten around to it.


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