Picture This

Since I blog twice a day, my camera’s always on me. And obviously, I take a lot of pictures! I’d say for every 7-15 images you see on each post, I snap about 100 that wind up in the trash, or get filtered into my private collection:  



What does this water stain look like to you???


No food photos right now; Abe and I were invited to sample the menu at a fancy Beverly Hills restaurant so I’m saving all possible stomach room. In the meantime, here’s some pix from my walk with Julius this morning:




Soon after we awoke the beast, (s)he started barking. But I still got some nice closeups!



More random (usually non-blog) photos can be found on my Instagram account – I finally set my profile (actorsdiet) to public…don’t know why it took me so long!


12 thoughts on “Picture This

  1. Cindy

    What you left out is how fast you are with that camera. It’s out pic shot and put away in a flash (pun unintended, but now that I see it I totally meant that. Yeah…Totally!). Quite the hat trick.

  2. Truey

    Was AJL & friend at Beverly and Pointsetta by MILK or have they been tagging all over town? Oh…and the H2O stain resembles Dr Suess 😉

      1. Truey

        Ahh…just revisited your “Death by Chocolate” post—so they have all those sweet treats in MILK!!! Will have to drop in next time i need a choco/latte fix!

          1. Truey

            Cool thanx—now double the sweet treats to discover. Those slider macarons looked good 😉

  3. Monet

    I need to start taking my camera more places. Since I just shoot baked goodies once or twice a week, I don’t think of it…but the blooms have been so pretty here. I totally want to share all of these Texas wildflowers!

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