The Hunger Games

Haven’t read the books, but I am excited to see the movie!


Mostly because of Josh Hutcherson. Can’t believe this is the same little boy…


…who we hung out with all summer while shooting “Little Manhattan” – the first film directed by our cousins (the same ones who are making “The Man’s Guide to Love”)


I know from being immersed in the blog world that food is a big part of the story (with an entire cookbook devoted to recipes inspired by the trilogy). Wish I could say my hunger’s been awakened…


…but alas, my stomach’s playing games with me today.


Apple + Mint Truffle Fudge + Decaf Green Tea with Lemon…


…most random breakfast ever?


At least I have a giveaway for you! Remember the Flor de Sal I posted about on Thursday? One U.S. Winner will receive the same fancy tin that I did. Just leave a comment saying what you’re hungry for. Maybe it’ll jog my appetite…


77 thoughts on “The Hunger Games

  1. Reformed Foodie

    I saw Hunger Games last night – it totally lives up to the hype – completely entertaining!

    Great giveaway – I love fancy salts…I’m hungry for one of those butterscotch pot de cremes with fleur de sel on top from Gjelina…mmmm.

  2. Darien

    Mmm, nachos please. But good ones, like from Freebirds, not the weird stuff with plastic cheese. Or five guys Cajun fries. Clearly, I’m feeling carby.

  3. Truey

    Just got up, so i’m hungry for : pain au chocolate and a cappuccino.
    The Flor de Sal is giving me that Continental European vibe πŸ˜‰

  4. Yvonne S

    My stomach is on the fritz too– I think I want something mild, like a turkey sandwich or even a plain baguette. Thank you for this giveaway!

  5. Lisa

    Really enjoyed The Hunger Games (though the initial shaky cam really worried me). It’s hot today so I’m craving pat bing soo from Boba Time (Vermont and 7th).

  6. Judee

    I’m still dying to see the hunger games; I admit there’s a plan to see it tomorrow, but it seems so far away! As for what I’m hungry for? Hmmm, I’m going to go with savory waffles. Possibly whole grain, dill, and white cheddar or the most terribly delicious topped waffle with fried chicken and gravy!! Yummmmmmm πŸ™‚

  7. Bethany

    I did not think the “Hunger Games” would be my thing at all (I couldn’t get into the “Twilight” series), but once I picked up the first book, I could NOT put them down! Definitely think you should give the books a try. Right now I’m hungry for Humble Pie – the pizza and wine bar we are going to for date night! πŸ™‚

  8. Darcee

    I’m post a 2 hour intense workout, so I’m craving carbs like bread and pizzs. Alas, I loaded up on protein instead:(

  9. Michelle

    Can’t wait to watch The Hunger Games. Hubs and I loved the books and having been patiently waiting for the movie to finally get here. I’m hungry for some ice cream, but will most likely stay hungry for it.

  10. willgoh2

    I hunger for the homemade caramel fleur de sel that my girlfriend makes. How good is it? She gave me a batch of 12. I ate one, left the rest on the coffee table. My husband came home, I told him about the caramels and I went to the back room to deal with some bills. about 20 minutes later I came out and there were 11 wrappers on the coffee table. It’s been four years and I won’t let him live it down. Loll/

  11. Madeline

    I’m hungry for that fudge you’re eating!! I’m also hungry for some creamy fro-yo topped with berries, granola, and reese’s pieces and m&m’s.

  12. March

    I’m still hungry though I have already stuffed myself with the shrimp and pasta I made for lunch… i want that mint truffle fudge too :))

  13. Molly

    i haven’t been hungry either but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the copious amounts i have been eating!! ughhh. I would like to win though!

  14. @HilaryFleming

    I’m hungry for that mint truffle fudge. Btw, I started freezing grapes since I’ve seen you do it so much on your blog. They are like little candy gems, thanks for the inspiration.

  15. fitinthemidwest

    Saw the Hunger Games today and loved it! That’s cool that you know “Peeta!” I’m hungry for Indian food, but still so full from lunch that tonight’s dinner will probably just consist of snacking.

  16. jeda21

    The temps have reached the 80s over the past week in Chicago, and I’ve been dying for some ceviche and Mexican-style limeade MMM

  17. jeda21

    Since the temps reached the 80s in Chicago over the past week, I’ve been dying for some ceviche and a Mexican limeade MMM

  18. M

    I would kill for a red velvet cupcake and kun pao soy-chicken on brown rice maybe with a mug of Mexican hot chocolate with extra chili peppers for heat.
    I’d decorate my dish with that fancy salt (like how martini rims are salted) and I’d spend the last few bites wiping clean the plate. haha

  19. palmtreeprojection

    That fudge looks delicious, but I’m hungry for the food I can only get back home in LA (I’m in Austin now). I wish I had some chajangmyun– Korean black bean noodles. Yummm… Time to google pictures of chajangmyun…

  20. L.D.

    I’m hungry for… your film’s Chicago showing! Just got my tickets for the Sunday night showing.

    Also hungry for some pizza or risotto, both of which would be enhanced by the flor de sel:)

  21. Lauren

    I’m craving a great, big salad w/ lots of veggies and some fatty cheese and bacon (cause everything tastes better with bacon). Also, totally craving everything from that chocolate tour you went on!

  22. Emily

    I haven’t read the books either, but I’m still excited to see the film! Everyone I’ve talked to has loved it.
    And right now all I’m craving is a big bowl of cereal with almond milk and fruit. Random and simple but delicious!

  23. alain

    just watched the Hunger Games! one of my favorite adaptations of a YA genre book in recent years. while food didn’t get nearly as much attention in the movie as it did in the books, I still left the theaters hungry. Versailles famous chicken was the #1 craving on my mind!

  24. Whitney

    Cinnamon rolls! I’m lucky that my sister just made some for family brunch.
    But otherwise, I crave Thai food like crazy — there isn’t a That place in the tiny city I live in, so when I hit the big city, it’s always on my “must find!” list.

  25. lisa

    I just got my hands on a copy! Perhaps it’s because it’s Young Adult, but there were a lot of obvious foreshadowing throughout the entire book – but a great read nonetheless. I couldn’t put it down all night. I heard the movie is fantastic as well. Can’t wait!

    I just want a nice polish hot dog from Costco. With mustard, raw onions and some relish. So good and so cheap. How can you go wrong? : )

  26. hippierunner

    I randomly saw the Hunger Games last night because it was playing at the $4 theater I was near! It was great. I’m hungry for peanut butter pancakes, that sounds so good right now.

  27. Paul Li

    I’m craving a bowl of roast duck wonton noodles from Noodletown on the Bowery, and then walking over to the C-town Ice Cream Factory on Bayard St for their pumpkin pie ice cream. Unfortunately, I’m in NorCal and it’s been over 15 years since I’ve done that. Both places are probably completely different now, so that craving will just persist in my memories…

  28. Lauren

    I’m hungry for…nothing really. I just had lunch. But I will eat a peach, a la the Allman Bros soon.

  29. katecooks

    did you already close out the giveaway? i’m a salt fiend! i’m ready for my afternoon snack, greek yogurt with a morning glory muffin and cubed apple pieces coated in cinnamon. only 2.5 more hours of work to go!

  30. xiaoguei

    dongchimi gooksu from Corner Place, kalbi BBQ, shaved ice from pa pa walk (milk tea flavor), and some kyoho grapes

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