Dealer Wins

Yesterday was all about the bargains! I went for my monthly massage at my favorite place, “Radiance of Life” – they have an INSANE SPECIAL right now where you get a 50-minute rub down for $35…


…and afterwards I scored a late lunch for 1/2 off via Scoutmob


The Village Kitchen is in the Westlake area, right before Beverly Blvd. turns into Downtown L.A….


…small n cozy…


…and the customers seem to be regulars! They were all so cute (and vocal).


The cafe is staffed by women from The Good Shepherd Center, a homeless shelter where all the cafe proceeds go to. They gain experience, opportunities, hope…


…and share recipes with one another. Everything is made from scratch – and their baked goods (which looked incredible) were selling out quick!


It was late in the afternoon, so I ordered a sandwich to go…


…the Vegetarian, so I could split it with Abe. They even wrapped it in two halves for me!


Mustard greens, tomato, onions, cucumbers, avocado, and feta on Homemade Rye. Mmmmm….


….why do sandwiches taste so much better when they’re made by others?

For dinner, Abe and I both got our frozen chili on…


…mine was the one made of meat


Also unearthed from the freezer – cookies from San Francisco!


God they were good.



Abe got the more photogenic half, but mine had crumbs – meaning more cookie…a rather good deal, if you ask me.


We raised nearly $7000 in our first day of Kickstarter for The Man’s Guide to Love (that’s pretty much the goal we are currently aiming for with the Daylight Savings one!) and I’ve been blown away by everyone who has been contributing, tweeting, face-booking, spreading the word, etc. We have 28 days to reach our goal of $200,000 so we’d appreciate your keeping at it – here’s the link again:


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8 thoughts on “Dealer Wins

  1. lisa

    I’m a native Angeleno who is currently working abroad. However, I’m visiting in a couple of weeks and The Village Kitchen will most definitely be on my list of Must Eats. Thanks! : )

  2. Emily

    What a cute little cafe! I agree- sandwiches always taste better when they’re made by someone else. I’ve never understood why!
    Congratulations on having such a successful fundraiser so far!

  3. aruquita

    Hi Lynn, I am from Japan and I currently study in Singapore. I’ve been following your two blogs for more than a year now and today I am taking a big step by commenting on your post! I just want to thank you for sharing your thoughts and giving me a great support in changing my attitude toward food. You’ve taught me that I don’t have to be afraid of getting judged by what I eat and not to be afraid of food. Now I can gladly say that I am a real foodie and I’ve just started my own food blog! Thank you so much Lynn!

    Btw, what’s your favorite brand for instant miso soup? Miso soup is my all time favorite night time drink too and I’m quite picky when it comes to miso soups! 馃檪

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