Daily Archives: March 20, 2012

The Man’s Guide to Kickstarter

Hey friends. I have a favor to ask. A biggie. Remember when I first blogged about “The Man’s Guide to Love” on Abe’s birthday two years ago? This is the site my dear husband helped start in 2010; I even launched a Simpsons Giveaway to help promote it. Since then, it has grown enormously, featured on everything from the NY

United Colors

Good day, sirs and madams I was up bright n early to drop Abe off at work; since my car’s in the shop. Bold, beautiful colors everywhere I look! Berries, burying the cottage cheese… …forgot about these VitaCakes! The freezer was just reorganized so they’ve been moved upfront again. And how pretty are these vegan artisan crackers that Jovan’s sent?

Cruisin for a Bruisin

Abe had a Boyz Night – whenever it’s just me, I gravitate towards Kale Salads. I love ’em, he doesn’t. Toss n chopped a bag from TJ’s, poured on the last of the Wafu… …massaged and set aside for a few hours… …when I was ready to eat around 7pm, I threw in some fresh strawberries, Honey Chèvre, and Cinnamon