Daily Archives: March 20, 2012

The Man’s Guide to Kickstarter

Hey friends. I have a favor to ask. A biggie. Remember when I first blogged about “The Man’s Guide to Love” on Abe’s birthday two years ago? This is the site my dear husband helped start in 2010; I even launched a Simpsons Giveaway to help promote it. Since then, it has grown enormously, featured on everything from the NY

United Colors

Good day, sirs and madams I was up bright n early to drop Abe off at work; since my car’s in the shop. Bold, beautiful colors everywhere I look! Berries, burying the cottage cheese… …forgot about these VitaCakes! The freezer was just reorganized so they’ve been moved upfront again. And how pretty are these vegan artisan crackers that Jovan’s sent?