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The Man’s Guide to Kickstarter


Hey friends. I have a favor to ask. A biggie.

Remember when I first blogged about “The Man’s Guide to Love” on Abe’s birthday two years ago? This is the site my dear husband helped start in 2010; I even launched a Simpsons Giveaway to help promote it. Since then, it has grown enormously, featured on everything from the NY Magazine Approval Matrix to Jezebel to Oprah.

Every day TheMansGuideToLove.com shows a video of a different guy giving advice about love. You may recall my excitement when it was sold to become a book, then a movie…and have wondered, “Hey…whatever happened with that?”

Well, it’s finally time – “The Man’s Guide to Love” is ready to transform into a film on June 4th. And yours truly (AND this blog) will be in it. But first, we need your help!!!

Perhaps this video can explain it better.

The team behind this movie is incredible. Full disclosure – they are my cousins – but Mark and Jen (whose food you’ve seen featured on the blog many many times) are supremely talented filmmakers. From a start on “The Wonder Years” to their last two films as directors – “Little Manhattan” (they discovered Josh Hutcherson!!!) and “Nim’s Island” – they have always told stories that explore the true nature of relationships and touch on real emotions in unique and interesting ways. One of the producers is Laurence Mark (who’s worked on everything from “Jerry Maguire” to “Dreamgirls” to The Academy Awards) so you know it’s in great hands.

So here’s what’s up. Real talk time. This project is incredibly important to both Abe and I. Not only because it’s been the last two years of our lives, but literally – there are parts of the movie inspired by the last two years of our lives. This will probably be the MOST PERSONAL project either of us will ever do. As you know from reading this blog, I’ve had a lot of projects fall through on me last-minute, and pilot season really has not been kind to me thus far. So to actually work on a juicy role of this magnitude, and with family, would be such an enormous blessing.

We need to raise at least $200,000. In the film world, this really isn’t that much. But in the Kickstarter one, that’s quite a number of zero’s – it’s rare that people who work in the studio system branch out into this crowd-sourcing world. There’s less than ONE MONTH to make it happen. You can donate anything from $1 to all $200,000. The rewards are unheard of – if you’re looking to break into show business, this is an incredible opportunity to become part of a film that WILL be seen by heavy-hitters. You can even pledge to have lunch on the Sony lot with Laurence Mark, have The Gotham Group (one of the top Hollywood management teams) look at your work, learn how to pitch a movie, become a crew member, and even get a cameo in the film!

And if you can’t contribute financially (which I completely understand, believe me) please help us spread the word so we can reach our goal – blog, twitter, Facebook, email, gossip – anything you can think of!

Again – here is the link to The Man’s Guide to Love Kickstarter page


…which closes on April 19th.


United Colors

breakfast - snacks


Good day, sirs and madams :)


I was up bright n early to drop Abe off at work; since my car’s in the shop.


Bold, beautiful colors everywhere I look!


Berries, burying the cottage cheese…


…forgot about these VitaCakes! The freezer was just reorganized so they’ve been moved upfront again.



And how pretty are these vegan artisan crackers that Jovan’s sent?


Won’t have the opportunity to try them til this weekend; I’m bringing them along for a project I’m doing with the talented Teresa Huang


…it’s a small shoot so hopefully these snacks will help with the crafts service budget; Teresa is looking for volunteer locations/extras (and a fancy cake!) too so reach out to her if you’re in L.A. and interested in helping out!

Cruisin for a Bruisin

dessert - dinner - salads - vegetarian

Abe had a Boyz Night – whenever it’s just me, I gravitate towards Kale Salads. I love ‘em, he doesn’t.


Toss n chopped a bag from TJ’s, poured on the last of the Wafu



massaged and set aside for a few hours…


…when I was ready to eat around 7pm, I threw in some fresh strawberries, Honey Chèvre, and Cinnamon Almonds



Julius pointed out something I haven’t noticed before…uh, where did that bruise come from? And why doesn’t it hurt? (Am I in some sort of Fantasy Fight Club?)


Dessert looked kinda mangled too.


This was the baby shower cake – it was all over the place! I tasted lemon, pineapple, whipped cream, AND buttercream.




Okay, I will Mr. Tea Bag! Check out who’s the FriendsEat.com “Favorite Blogger of the Week!” (Hint: She’s got a weird bruise near her ankle.)