63 Degrees of Separation

Abe’s birthday was yesterday!


Last year was a big one, so we went all out on a trip to Sonoma. This March 18th we stayed put and celebrated with a group of friends over brunch at Playa Rivera.



While everyone perused the menu, we each munched on one of their highly-acclaimed blue corn muffins…


…smeared in Almond Butter (not the nutty kind)


Everything is tapas-style, so we got a bunch of dishes to share. Two orders of their Maize Cakes – one with burrata, salsa verde, arugula salad, and seeds…


…the other with smoked salmon, creme fraiche, and caperberries


(Ate mine like a taco)


Next came the 63 degree eggs! We all wondered if that just meant room temperature/raw? Upon consulting the chef, he explained, “Celsius” before we could even finish asking. Guess we weren’t the only confused customers!

Two on the Eggs Benedict…


…more yolky action with the Polenta…



…and the Duck Hash –


Most of the meat came served on the side so Abe could partake.


Some of my bites…



…I also tried a chunk of the Omelet, which came with cheese, salsa, and a piece of fried…???


Every single dish was incredible. Including dessert.


Their pancakes are intense!


Topped with chocolate, blueberries, and a spicy grape compote.


Playa gave us this sundae on the house – and I’m so glad they did…


…a mason jar, filled with vanilla ice cream and hazelnuts. You crumble the blue corn cookies in…


…then pour on the hot fudge!


I started with a taste of each…


…then devoured a few more bites (okay, more like 6 or 7) of the melting ice cream and cookies


We were all stuffed beyond belief, and forgot that there was still one more order left!


A waffle topped with butter, sweetened jalapeño, parmesan crisp, + squeeze of lime juice – drizzled with piloncillo-pepita syrup…


…I finished Abe’s too…


…and since they were just sitting there, I polished off the pancakes.


I’m such a member of the clean plate club, especially when it comes to stellar stuff like this. Wasn’t hungry for food the rest of the day (just had liquids/candy), but we still continued celebrating, well into the evening.


17 thoughts on “63 Degrees of Separation

  1. yogininoms

    so much delicious food! I love the idea of putting a candle in a raspberry too 🙂 so cute! Happy birthday to Abe!

  2. Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen)

    Happy Birthday Abe! Looks like a great celebration. I could do a face plant into that polenta with yolkie eggs! YUM!

  3. afratsja

    need to remember to make myself available to join your husband’s birthday party (every year) 😉 !
    Happy Belated Birthday Abe!

  4. Jessica

    woah that food sounds crazy!! you’re lucky to have tasted such kinds of foods. Sweetened jalapeno…piloncillo pepeita…spicy grape…woah! I live and grew up in l.a. but my poor mexican taste buds have never tasted anything remotely like that stuff. What’s that crispy hair stuff on top of the pancakes? it looks so interesting. and those “maize cakes” look like tortillas. Were they basically tortillas or was there anything cakey about them? Oh, and happy bday to your man!!

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      thanks, jessica! the maize cakes were flat, like tortillas. and the “hair stuff” (ha) was spun sugar!

  5. angela

    What a day! Love all the food photos… can’t stop drooling. That dessert in the mason jar looks AMAZING!

  6. Reformed Foodie

    YUM. Looks like an amazing feast. I recently had dinner at Playa and loved it – now you’ve made me want to try the brunch – great pics!

  7. Cindy

    Wow! Abe wasn’t kidding when he said he got a great brunch out of the deal.

    Love that virtually every photo of Joy has her laughing. If you are in it with her, you usually are too. Laughter. Good medicine.

  8. quinn

    Wowza! That food! The presentation!! Those lamps!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Abe 🙂 Hope the whole day was as amazing as that meal!

  9. Pure2raw Twins (@pure2raw)

    Happy Birthday to Abe! Looks like a great time! and all the food looks great!!!

  10. Fredric Delmais (@FredricDelmais)

    Thought Abe’s b-day was in February. Oops, sorry not the President but your husband. Looks like he had a nice birthday bunch. Not a bunch fan but the food looks delicious and may change my mind on bunch. At the Yes We’re Open after party told my wife that’s Lynn’s “friend” (from mag pix), looks just like her husband. At the party I was searching for the hor d’oeuvres, tapas, dim sum, zensai or qian cai to no avail. Found it interesting that both female leads in Yes We’re Open (filmed by SF based filmmakers in SF); Ms Chen and Sheetal Sheth grew up in New Jersey. And speaking of birthdays Ms. Sheth and I share a June 24 b-day.

  11. Monet

    Happy birthday to Abe! Can I just say what an amazing and inspiring couple you two are? Really! I love seeing you guys celebrate life and each other. Hugs and love from Austin, sweet girl.

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