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A.W.E. Yeah!


Jully, Elaine, Andrea, and I met up at Short Order for our latest meeting. This was my second night in a row at The Farmer’s Market (Thursday’s was Veggie Grill).



30-40 minute wait (they don’t take reservations) but by the time we all arrived, a table was ready.


This place was a big deal when it first opened (a collaboration by superstars Nancy Silverton and the late Amy Pressman) and like most things hyped, reviews have been very mixed. Most of the controversy is over the prices, which I agree are a bit steep for a place that makes you sit outdoors, huddled next to strangers, with a menu as your placemat:


Still, there are touches I’m a sucker for, like mason jars…


…but the most important thing, as always, is the food. I got the Ida’s Old School Burger…


…cooked medium well.


Mine was the first to be demolished. Also consumed copious handfuls of fries dunked in ketchup…


…sweet server Stephanie treated us to an extra pail! They were wonderful – crispy, hot, well-seasoned…


…and this guy was perfect too – thick, juicy, messy, beefy.


Don’t know if I’ll ever shell out $17 for the Tuna, but I would definitely come back for this burger, and am happy to see a Veggie Patty on the menu for Abe.


Just goes to show you can’t always depend on reviews. The ones from SFIAAFF are coming in now – not all are great, and I have to remind myself that they’re just one person’s opinion. (Here’s an old post I wrote about this subject when “Surrogate Valentine” came out.) Still, it’s always validating to read nice things after putting so much of your hard work into a project. Here’s one for “Yes We’re Open,” and even a decent one for “Daylight Savings” in Variety (<—they’re usually brutal).

(And if you want to see our “Saving Face” press conference – here’s an entire video – I come in around the 5-min. mark)

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