Contraband Coffee Bar – San Francisco

YAWN!!! I need a good stretch like the dude in the window.


Abe and I walked to Contraband Coffee Bar this morning…


(Artwork by Adam Cahoon)



…came here because I read they had Mission District…


…but unfortunately, Dynamo is closed on Mondays. However, the cafe did have goodies from Batter Bakery:


Abe and I split their fig (<—!!!) and walnut scone…


…plus an Apple Spice Muffin


My man drank his with coffee (the report = excellent)…


…I ordered the Camellia Blossoms:


Kinda obsessed with this steeper, which comes with its own holding tray…


…and holy &#$@ these nibbles were delicious. They may not look very exciting, but they were pretty much perfect.


It’s my last full day in the Bay Area – this INCREDIBLE artwork that Ashley made, inspired by the project! Here’s a sneak peek of my character, Sophie…

Screen Shot 2012-03-12 at 2.31.05 PM.png

Positive feedback from people really does mean so much. The outpour of love I get from total strangers continues to shock and surprise me, from the first time I was in NYC picking up Julius’ poop and a woman stopped to tell me she was a fan. I rarely address it, but I wanted to acknowledge that I do read and appreciate all of the heartfelt messages, gifts, and stories I’ve received over the years. It’s why I make time for these film festivals, because I prefer to connect to people one-on-one and say hello face-to-face.


And none of this would’ve been possible without my debut movie, Saving Face, over 7 years ago…


…in a few hours I will be reunited with these ladies (and see the entire film) for the first time since then.


We start a press conference at 4pm and I don’t anticipate being back at my hotel til late, so I’ve already packed for our early morning flight tomorrow. Anticipating a very long and emotional evening ahead!


8 thoughts on “Contraband Coffee Bar – San Francisco

  1. elise

    ahhhhh – those eyebrows!!! id consider that interview a huge highlight in my life too!
    its so nice that you have fans that show you such support and love.

  2. Cindy

    So very happy your films have done so well. Couldn’t happen to a better person. Hoping they (and maybe you too) make their way this direction in the coming months. Big giant congrats!

  3. Amy

    Ah…Joan Chen…does that woman ever age?? I’ve loved her since Twin Peaks – totally jealous you got to work with her!

  4. diane beebe

    Seriously…..congratulations to you….it really sounds like your career is on the move!!

  5. ashley p q

    I’m glad you like the comic and I am very glad I managed to get down to the screening and say hello. Thanks for including the link!

  6. Tasi Alabastro

    What a magical moment. Happy for ya. And glad I had a chance to share a bit life’s moments with everyone last night. See you sooner rather then later!

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