Abe and I kickstarted our day off at Farm:Table this morning.


Too small for a farm, but there’s the communal table – and it takes up pretty much the whole place!


The menu changes daily – we ordered the quiche to share…


…and a baked goodie



Abe loved his cappuccino…


…and their scone…


(I felt like it could use more banana and chocolate)


…but we both flipped out over this quiche – talk about a perfect, flakey crust.


Also dug this pickled carrot.


So cool how you can see everything you’re eating! Farm:Table actually has a garden on their rooftop; and they’re trying to build a parklet through Kickstarter.


After brunch, we walked over to Festival Headquarters to pick up my SWAG bag and get a badge for Abe…


…when I emerged from the bathroom, the Filmmakers’ Brunch was in full swing!



Too bad we had just eaten. I did take a few biscotti to go, though…



…then we stopped by the Present/Future Summit, where there was yet ANOTHER buffet…


…I really should carry a ziplock bag with me to these kinds of things. Look at those COOKIES!!!!


The speakers at this presentation are quite impressive, but it’s 3 hours long and I need to get ready for tonight’s screenings (I have two – back to back!)

Left just as they were discussing Kickstarter


…speaking of which, THANK YOU everyone who helped us raise $10,000 in one week for Yes We’re Open’s post-production costs. I hope to be able to show my appreciation to some of our backers in person at The Castro tonight!

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  • Mina Riazi

    The chocolate dipped biscotti look soo scrumptious! And congratulations on a sold out show–nice girls DO win!

  • Lauren

    What a fabulous place to eat. I absolutely love restaurants that feature all of their ingredients on the menu. Just goes to show that they are proud of what they serve. More places should be like that!

  • Diane Beebe

    Ziplock bag…..LOL

  • Redd H from Salted Spoon

    Breakfast looks awesome! I hope you really enjoy the festival! Hopefully we’ll get to see what is in the swag bag.
    Also, I took it upon myself to channel you yesterday (or, at least, your blog style and some of your recurring snacks). The post is here:

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      love it! thanks for doing that, redd!!!

  • Laura @ look what mom made

    Oh, I had my fingers crossed that you ordered the pork shoulder and polenta. That place looks amazing.

  • afratsja

    aahh…. breakfast with a ‘friend’! nothing like it ;)!

  • Emily

    That restaurant is lovely! How neat that they have their own garden on the roof! That’s “using local ingredients” at it’s finest.
    And the ziplock bag comment made me laugh out loud! I’ve thought about doing that sooo many times. The snack tables and buffets at events are always amazing!