We stayed at Uncle Robert and Aunt Heidi’s beach house last night, since it’s close to LAX.

Always easy to throw together a delicious meal here. And some of it is very similar to what I have at home, just nicer surroundings!

Toss and Chopped a spring mix/spinach base, then added red bell pepper and tomatoes…

…handful of Zante Currants

…plus Applegate Farms Organic Turkey

Wafu Dressing! I gave them a bottle way back when…

…haven’t concocted one of my ginormous salads in forever!

hit. the. spot.

Dessert was some grapes (not frozen here)…

…and a handful of Dulce de Leche Cheerios – similar to the PB ones, they are yummy on their own (and eerily taste JUST like caramel)

Tried a new after-meal candy with my tea + ginger chew…

…I’ve had this Cappuccino Nougat in my purse for almost a year and can’t remember where I got it from.

it tasted rather forgettable too, unfortunately

Next time you hear from me I’ll be in San Francisco, getting ready for my first screening at 6:30

Nice Girls Crew is already sold out for tonight – woo hoo!


4 thoughts on “ChilLAX

  1. Cindy

    Best of luck at the festival. It is beyond awesome that you have four films screening. Even more awesome that you got bongo time in Nice Girls Crew. 😉

    Have a great trip!

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