I Would Drive 50,000 Miles

I’ve renamed my “Orange Soda Cake” to “The O.C.”


That’s where we were headed last night when my car reached 50,000 miles…


…and it’s where my parents (and a giant buffet of Chinese food) awaited…


…catered by Bento King – if you’re in Orange County, looking for someone to prepare a lot of food for your next event.


Lots of options for Abe, including Mai Fan, a nice Cauliflower/Asparagus/Mushroom stir fry, and Cabbage-Stuffed Tofu Skin with Edamame – but vegetarians, you may want to skip right past the next picture…


…their meat was what I dug the most – fried pork, fish n tofu, crispy fried shrimp in mayo with candied walnuts, and an entire free-range organic chicken (with its head still sitting in the pan)…


…one last platter (with options for everyone)


Two plates filled for me!



And some veggie chip snacks. Yes, I think those ARE Kabocha Pumpkin!


Dessert for 13 (and a half)


The little one loved “The O.C.” – as did everyone else – it turned out really moist, super sticky (almost like a pudding) and surprisingly, not too saccharine – even with the orange soda glaze.


There were also AWESOME Birnn Chocolates my folks brought all the way from my home state (I immediately gobbled up a “fancy Nestle Crunch”)…


…and these red-bean stuffed pancakes


Mmmm….wound up splitting my coconut chocolate piece with Andromeda…


…she’s the one standing in the picture below (you “House Hunters” fans would not recognize her by sight, but by voice!)


All of our parents went to graduate school together (Wesleyan – where Abe and I went too!) so the second generation spent most of the evening demonstrating all the cool tricks on their iPhones/iPads that they didn’t know existed. We even set up a twitter account for Auntie “Patriot Skirt.”


What a blast – totally worth blowing off a night of memorizing lines for! Even though my Mom and Dad are on the west coast another week, I don’t know if I’ll be able to see them with all my last-minute auditions, plus I’m getting ready for my trip to SFIAAFF. One more week til the world premiere of “Yes We’re Open” at the Castro Theater…

…immediately followed by the Bay Area premiere of “back to Austin this year.) If you plan on coming, reserve your seats now – apparently “Nice Girls Crew” already sold out and only has rush tickets available!


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  1. Stan

    Loved this post, but boo hoo, for me. That type of meal is no longer, my blood sugar would go sky high.

    For type 2 Diabetics like me, you can have some chinese food, but two plates and a buffet, no way.

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