Flipped and Whipped


Glorious flip flop weather today!



Even though I’ve a ton of work to do, I’m thoroughly taking advantage of this unexpected heat wave. Walked and memorized lines with Julius


…got Abe to chauffeur me around on errands, rewarding him with frozen treats!


Haven’t been back to House of Dolewhip since they first opened – guess they changed their name to “Whipp’d LA?!?”


Since I had the Living Social deal, I was able to get two HUGE cups, plus toppings. The guy behind the counter smooshed mine down before I could snap a pic, so he made the second one extra photogenic!


This was Abe’s – Pineapple with Chocolate/Yogurt Chips


I chose a Mango/Chocolate combo…


…with blueberries and strawberries


Great article in the San Francisco Chronicle today about Joan Chen – the picture below was taken when I saw her last, almost 6 years ago…

Screen Shot 2012-03-04 at 11.49.51 AM.png

…can’t wait to reunite at the Saving Face screening next Monday night! If you can’t make it, you can always buy/rent it on DVD. Here’s the trailer – see if you can spot where someone else’s voice got dubbed in for mine!!!

8 thoughts on “Flipped and Whipped

  1. glidingcalm

    mmm froyo! and what gorgeous weather!! looks like fun!!

    watching the video now- wow! Saving Face looks so good! what an interesting story line!! I am definitely going to have to rent this!
    Have a wonderful Monday, and a happy week!

  2. srb367

    LA has the best frozen treats ever….I am jealous (and that weather doesn’t look to shabby). I think I may be growing tired of NYC!

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