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Orange You Glad I Baked?

baking - recipe

Orange dinner last night, orange breakfast this morning…


…and now, I present to you: orange dessert!!!


When Jenny and I were at the 2012 Cupcake Challenge, one of the most memorable creations was a “7-up Cupcake.” I was really intrigued by the sound of it, so once I got home I did research on its rich (and bubbly) history. Made popular in the 50’s, you can bake one from scratch, but I found that most recipes involved a prepackaged cake mix, some instant pudding, and a bundt pan. My kinda baking.


Yup, I’ve added one more tool to my arsenal – so you will finally see more than cookies, 8×8 bars, and loaves!

Anyway, back to the cake…



…obviously, I didn’t use 7-Up. We had a cup left of Blood Orange Soda (which, surprisingly, still had its fizz) so I decided to put my own spin on the infamous soda cake.


Blood Orange Soda Cake

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

Combine cake and pudding with butter, eggs, and soda, using a hand mixer on low speed.


Pour into greased and floured bundt pan (I used a combo spray). Bake for 45-50 minutes, until a toothpick comes out clean. While the cake cools make the glaze: bring soda and sugar to a boil over medium heat, about 2-3 minutes (until sugar is dissolved).


Unmold the cake onto a large plate. I was pretty nervous about this step, because my tweeps told me it MUST cool first. After 15 minutes, she slid out beautifully!


Glaze runneth over.



Uh oh, see that sticky pool in the middle?!?


That means this cake is going to be REALLY SWEET. I taste tested a few licks of the raw batter, and it probably could’ve done without the sugar glue…


…seriously, that’s what it’s like – I had this entire plate on its side at one point and it wouldn’t budge!!!


Chen’s House of Chicken and Waffles

dinner - trader joe's - vegetarian

When I saw this new product at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago, I had a feeling it would change our lives.


I know their Frozen Orange Chicken is really popular, but I’ve never bought it, since I’d be the only one eating it in this household.


Essentially, these are just Soy Nuggets that you bake, and a sweet sauce that you ding dong.


What could be better with Orange Chicken than broccoli?


How about purple waffles?


(Some orange/pumpkin too.)


The waffles got shoved in the oven with the “chicken” during their last 4 minutes of cooking…when it was all done I tossed everything together and served…


Roscoe’s this is NOT…


…but I have to say I REALLY loved my (almost) vegan dinner…


…Abe did too – so I was right – life changing product.

Also stellar:


I spent all night doing pilot prep…was so happy for break time…


…Frozen Grapes + Dark Chocolate Kit Kat


…almost as good as Orange Chicken + Purple Waffles.

3 g6.jpg

Speaking of crazy combos…

lynn sheetal GOOD.jpg

Nice Girls Crew” premieres one week from today! If you’re in the Bay Area, get your tix and come say hi to me, Sheetal, and Michelle!