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Out Like a Lamb


My last day of March so far…


…long time spent with Apple Customer Care – Monty is seriously dying (all the buttons stopped working). He’s no longer under warranty, so I’m thinking of just getting a brand new phone rather than another replacement. Anyone in love with Siri?


I’ve succumbed to Peer Pressure and started reading The Hunger Games… ; ;


…ate a piece of Crumb Cake that would’ve impressed Peeta Mellark -


Speaking of bakers, I was in such a Cookie Craze yesterday that I never looked at the back of this card, which not only offers my readers a 10% discount to Keep It Sweet’s online goodies (enter “ACTORSDIET” at the checkout) but a Giveaway as well!


Wanna win? Just visit Keep It Sweet and leave a comment on this blog post saying which cookie or bar you’d like (I STRONGLY suggest the PB Cup Stuffed Triple Chocolate). U.S. Residents only!

Keep it Sweet


Yesterday morning I got a tweet from one of my favorite bloggers:

Screen Shot 2012-03-30 at 5.29.55 PM.png

I’ve been a faithful reader of Keep It Sweet for a while now (you may remember the guest post I did last summer) and Lauren has become one of my go-to gurus whenever I have a baking question. Recently, she started her own online dessert company and offered to send samples. I’ve been waiting in anticipation since she shipped them off on Monday!


The mailman usually arrives with packages before noon, but yesterday he was sick and his replacement didn’t come knocking til 4pm (rather, I stalked the truck and ran out to meet her once she pulled up). Luckily that was one massive melon to tide me over.


Three pretty bundles! Lauren knows I love Peanut Butter, so there was a definite theme here:


I dug in immediately.


Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed Triple Chocolate



Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich with PB Buttercream



There were also Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies that I intended to save and try later…


…but once I ate these two…


…I had to see what other magic Lauren was capable of.


No, I didn’t eat ALL four. But I wanted to!


Now Lauren is my buddy, but I’m really not being biased here. This cookie (below) is one of the best desserts I’ve ever eaten. I CURSED OUT LOUD after one bite.


How amazing to finally experience what I’ve been drooling over virtually – if you’re in the Tri-State area, Keep it Sweet also offers catering and dessert parties. And of course, you can order any goodies online (they also make brownies/bars and seasonal treats). They would make a perfect gift for a special occasion – check out the Cookie of the Month Club…and enter “ACTORSDIET” for 10% off!

I was in sugar bliss well into the evening, and ended the day with a large pre-bedtime Gala…


…it tasted pretty sweet as well!


Daylight Savings” is in Cleveland today and tomorrow; if you want it to come to your city next, check out the Kickstarter project!

Guest Blogger: Meg Cionni

guest blogger

Meg Cionni has guest-starred in such television shows as Greys Anatomy, CSI:NY, CSI: Miami, and Eleventh Hour. She is also constantly involved in the independent film circuit. When Meg is not working, you can usually find her developing and acting in web series or sketch comedy skits with her friends, singing harmonies with her brother Michael on his website, or writing her blog for

During my last trip home to Ohio, I decided to pay my grandma a surprise visit. I went straight from the airport, even though it was late, hopped the fence to her back yard, and spied on her through the back window as she tidied up the kitchen. Please keep in mind that this was intended to be a sweet creative gesture. Not creepy.

I rap-a-tap-tapped an upbeat knock on the glass sliding door. Come to think of it, I should have probably thought this through more. Rap-a-tap-tapping on a thin glass door, which was the only thing separating her from the cold black night and the deep dark woods that surrounded her home, must have been terrifying for my grandma.

Nevertheless, she walked right up to that thin glass door, pushed away the blinds that rap-a-tap-tapped on it right back at me, and squished her nose up to it, squinting. Eventually, my ambiguous silhouette morphed into a recognizable me, and I was welcomed into her home with open arms and a “Meggie-me!”

Immediately after hugs, I was offered food. We are Italian and cut straight to it that way. Even though I hadn’t eaten a thing all day besides mini bags of pretzels, (plane food makes me angry) I couldn’t fathom eating a thing besides my Gram’s homemade bread.

She cut me two thick slices and toasted them to perfection. Then she drizzled them with olive oil with quick graceful flicks of her wrist. She opened up her fridge and dug through the stacks of homemade jams, fresh meats, and gourmet cheeses to pull out a thick lump of gorgeous mozzarella. She cut a few generous slices and layered them beautifully over my toast like a carefully thought out work of art. I went to grab at the plate, thinking it was time to dig in, but back into the toaster oven my comfort meal of a lifetime went. Gram was killing me here. I was starting to salivate.

The toaster oven went off with a “ding!” and Gram shuffled over to it and pulled out my two pieces of toast with blankets of bubbling mozzarella with her long thin fingers. “Hot, hot hot!” she sang as she carried them across the kitchen on the tips of her fingers like they were miniature pizza pie racks and dished them off with a swirl onto a Scooby Doo plate. She got out the pepper grinder and sea salt and sprinkled my savory fare for a finishing touch. Finally, she scooted the dish towards me and watched me take my first bite.

Crisp and golden on the outside, I bit down into the warm, soft, and fluffy center. The tiny pockets of hot, salty olive oil exploded on my taste buds and I knew I was done for. The sticky, stretchy melted mozzarella continued to bubble with delight as I wolfed down my meal to the last crumb and licked my fingers clean. This wasn’t just toast. It was love. I was home…

But are we really out of red wine Gram?

We continued to talk for hours about our dreams, great loves, great losses, and biggest fears. We discussed creative career highs and woes, relationship highs and woes, and how I thought I’d have had my life a little more together by now. HAH! After hours laughter and tears and plenty of girl talk, our discussion came down to “When you know, you just know.” Whether it’s regarding “the one,” your dream career, or what you want for dinner. It really should be as simple as toast. And totally worth the wait.

Are you an actor who wants to do a guest post about food? Leave a comment!