Oscar Buzz

Ahem. There is an Oscar on my mantle right now….

…okay…a chocolate one. Made by Wolfgang Puck.

(My cousins Mark and Jen attended the Academy Awards this year.)

I can’t bring myself to eat it. It’s sitting by my Asian Excellence Award, waiting to be replaced someday…by a real one, hopefully!

There is some exciting new cacao in my life, though…

…when I first saw these Raspberry M&M’s in my local drugstore, I couldn’t stop thinking about them! Went back the next day, and they’ve been sold out every single week. This morning I finally got my hands on a bag, and packed a few for an audition…

…I actually have two today – munched on this monster apple while driving all over town…

My parents are in town from NJ but I haven’t been able to see them yet because of all the acting stuff! I’m so lucky that they totally get the last-minute nature of my business…when I gave my acceptance speech for the AXAward above, I completely blanked and forgot to thank them – and my husband!!! But not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for their years of support and understanding.

Who would you like to thank today?


18 thoughts on “Oscar Buzz

  1. Cindy

    Right now I have too much gratitude for far too many to name just one.

    Have you had the chocolate covered acai berries? One bag is not enough.

  2. Emily

    I love your chocolate Oscar! Hopefully we’ll both have real ones someday!

    I would definitely like to thank my family, as well. They continue to put up with the craziness that this career brings. (And the craziness that is me…lol) They are absolutely amazing and have always been 100% supportive of everything I do- I don’t know how I got so lucky!
    And it sounds like your family is just as fabulous. (:

  3. Dawn

    I would say hubby and parents also! They are all amazing. (I’m sure I would have completely blanked out too.)

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