Sandwich Iron

If you read my post this morning on “Thick Dumpling Skin” you can probably guess what was on the menu for brunch!

Screen Shot 2012-02-28 at 1.50.12 PM.png

I made a Peanut Butter and Fig Syrup one, on Trader Joe’s Rustic Sourdough Bread


The other day, I made this same sandwich for Abe – waffle-ized


…he said it was delicious, but cleaning the iron with a Q-tip afterwards was not so fun.


This time, I tried wrapping it in foil to prevent mess…


…the lid doesn’t close the whole way, so you have to set a timer. I went with 5 minutes, since the bread was frozen.


Um…I guess I know why it’s called a waffle maker and not a sandwich one.


The bread never got crisp, either, just steamed.


Still, hot sandwiches are so much better than cold ones…


…but I think if I AM going to invest in a waffle iron, it will have to be one with a panini press too. There’s one by Cuisinart and another (cheaper) one by George Foreman. Does anyone have either, or another recommendation?

  • Jessica

    The breville panini press is amazing!

  • allie@sweetpotatobites

    I have the cuisinart and love it – it’s just so versatile! you can do pancakes, or waffles, or paninis…the list goes on!

  • Cindy

    I don’t have this particular cuisinart iron (it’s the one I would like to buy), but it is the most versatile of all the options. I have had very very very good success with Cuisinart products, and have found them worth the money. Life span has been at least ten years on any of their products. I agree with Jessica that the Breville panini press is fantastic, but that’s all you can use it for.

  • Teresapalooza!!

    I think in thrift-terms, so my suggestion would be to take a peek at your local Goodwill or Out of the Closet. Last time I checked, my Goodwill had 10 or 12 George Foreman grills and sandwich presses looking for good homes – all under $20! I replaced my crappy one with a double-wide one with removable nonstick plates. :)

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      you genius. by the way, we need to have a thrifting date one day.

  • theawkwardbaker

    Definitely go with the George Foreman. My mom has one and I’ve missed it ever since I moved out. Seriously a great sandwich press.

  • wyn

    I have the Cuisinart and love it. It’s so easy to cook with it and then to subsequently clean. I didn’t know there were waffle plates. That intrigues me!

  • Silvia @ skinny jeans food

    The Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler rocks (I got it). — but I doubt you can make waffles with it. — the (pricey) All-Clad Classic Round Waffle Maker is great for thinner, crispy waffles (got that one, too).

  • sophia

    I have the cuisinart, it’s great. The waffle iron part works really well, and so do the other attachments. Good luck!

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      that’s very helpful, sophia – thanks so much!

  • Rachael

    I used to have the george forman thing that converted between a grill/sandwich press/waffle iron. It was cool when I actually used it, and most everything was dishwasher safe, but all the bits and pieces took up a lot of space in my cabinet, and the box was even bigger. I ended up getting rid of it recently (I moved about a year and a half ago into a smaller apartment w/less space, and it ended up just sitting in my closet for that entire year…) I know there is a website (I don’t remember) where people can actually rent things they don’t often use from others (like waffle irons, panini presses, etc.) I can’t remember the website though!

  • Molly

    i love how much you’re using the waffle iron!

    • actorsdiet

      yeah – i think it has a lot to do w knowing i have to give it back soon!

  • Monet

    I really want a panini press…they make such a difference! And I completely agree, hot sandwiches are so much better than cold. Thank you for the email about the showing during SXSW. I only wish you were coming!

  • jwen

    I use one of those water bottle scrubby brushes to clean my waffle maker, I just make sure it’s unplugged first, scrub away and dry really quickly so that the water doesn’t get into places it shouldn’t.